Lucia Bags First Ever

Delphi_6754Week 13 was a bit of a United Nations week with anglers from numerous different countries.

Conditions for most of the week were excellent with good water levels for the most part. The fish I’m afraid were not really as cooperative, but we did manage three and there were a few lost also.

Our first fish of the week was taken by Hasse Dehlin from Sweden off Finlough on the 26th. It was a beautiful sea liced fish of approx. 12lbs taken on a Collie Dog.

Our second fish of the week was taken off the river on the 27th from the Kings pool on a Black and Yellow tube and weighed in at 5lbs4ozs which contrasts slightly to most of the fish caught so far.

Then later on the 27th Lucia Misurova had her first ever, a fish of 10lbs12ozs taken off Finlough on a Collie Dog.

The rest of the week saw a couple of fish lost and two risen which given the good conditions was a little disappointing. I think that reports from around the country are that the salmon fishing is generally slow. But one always lives in hope and as one of our long standing customers always says “You’d never know the minute”.

We have a full crew of twelve anglers this week and water levels are still excellent. There are also Spring tides, so hopefully we’ll see a surge of fish up the river. Needless to say if anything happens you’ll hear from me. D.McEvoy