June Delivers

Digital imageJune was not a bad month at all here at Delphi with 74 fish in total landed. 24 of these were off the River, 42 off Finlough and 8 off Doolough. It was actually the equal best June since 2009. Before that one has to go back to 2003 for better numbers which was 97.

We had three fish the first day, then 7 for week 23, 12 for week 24, 23 for week 25 and 29 for week 26.

Rainfall was actually quite low for the month with only 115.7mms or 4.55”. The first week was a real Costa de Delphi week with temperatures reaching highs of 24.2 degrees C. Most of the monthly rainfall fell between the 10th and the 15th  (71.6mms)

The month started in famous style with three fish on the 1st weighing in at just a shade under 41lbs. The pick of these was of course Paul Wymes fish of 17lbs12 off Fin on a Foxford Shrimp.

Digital imageWeek 23 was slow with only 7 fish landed. This was primarily due to our tropical like weather conditions which were less than conducive to good salmon angling. Manfred Wolf had the fish of the week with an 11lbs fish off Doolough on the 7th.

Week 24 was actually disappointing given the weather conditions. We had plenty of water but it seemed that the fishing fell between two stools, i.e. springers and grilse. The main men this week were John Mills who brought the Willie Gunn back into fashion, David Hewetson Brown, Richard Maye and Peter Eaton. We ended up with 12 for the week.

Week 25 was better, with 23 fish landed. 7 were off the River, 15 off Finlough and 1 off Doolough. There were more grilse than springers on these fish.

Names on the catch sheet were, Michael Darling, Mike O’Neill, Charles Cooper, Matthew Rogerson, Noel Murphy (1st ever), Michael Van Mourik, Barbara Ceillier, Myles Kelly and Mark Corps. The River was relatively quite all week and then on the Saturday there were 6 off it.

The trend of the river delivering fish continued into week 26, especially in the early days. We had a group of enthusiastic German anglers who landed 29 for the week. Again the majority were fresh grilse, with the odd stale springer and a few fresh summer salmon as well. The pick of these was Fredo Dietrich’s sea liced fish of half an ounce short of 9lbs off the Whin pool on a Sunrae Shadow.

Martin Nolde also had reason to celebrate when he landed his first ever salmon off Fin, of 4lbs10ozs on a Collie Dog. Other people to land fish were Johannes Hipp, Reinhard Mittmann, Benny Weltz, Mattias + Angelika Eder and the Posingers.

The last three days in June the fish went on strike, so the chance of doing better than 2009 alluded us.