July Finishes with a Flourish

DL_02082015_1291The last week in July saw some excellent fishing here in Delphi and we recorded our best week of the season so far with 41 fish landed in total. Conditions throughout were again very conducive to salmon fishing with excellent water throughout and steady numbers of fish still running.

Sunday started in style with nine fish landed. Alexander Mills was first off the mark with a fine fresh fish off the Turn pool of 8lbs2.5ozs on a Red Shrimp. William Beattie then had two, one from the Turn pool of 6lbs5ozs and a beautiful fresh fish of approx. 8.5lbs on the Quarry, both on a Bann Special. Martin Stokes managed to land another fish from the Turn pool in the afternoon of 4lbs13.5ozs on a Cascade. Tim Oxley originally from England but now living in Switzerland managed to land his first ever salmon in the afternoon. The fish was taken in Cooleens on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 3lbs12ozs. Giles Johnson also had one in the afternoon from the Mouth of the Glenumera on Doolough of approx. 4lbs. Chris Jarman had two, one from the Holly of 4lbs14ozs and one from the Rock of 3lbs3ozs, both on a Willie Gunn. DL_02082015_1287I had one myself from the Grilse pool of 4lbs4ozs also on a Willie Gunn.

There were seven landed on Monday, with the Beattie pairing of William and Gareth accounting for six of these. All fish were taken on a Bann Special, with one from the Rock, two from Duffers Run, one from Quarry Flats, one from Heneghans and one from the Goat pool. They weighed in at 4lbs4ozs, 3lbs15ozs, 5lbs4ozs, 3lbs7ozs, 5lbs5ozs and 6lbs3ozs respectively. Finally but by no means least Fenton Glover, grandson of Chris and Elizabeth Glover managed to land his first ever salmon. The fish was taken in Cooleens on a Cascade and weighed in at 4lbs10ozs.

Six were landed on Tuesday and this time it was Chris Jarman’s turn to account for the lions share, with four, one from the Grilse of approx. 4lbs on a Cascade and three from the Rock pool of 3lbs14.5ozs, 4lbs7ozs and 5lbs7ozs. Two were on a Cascade and one on a Collie Dog. John Somerville and John Mills managed to land two from Fin of 3lbs and 6lbs13ozs on a DL_02082015_1283Delphi Collie and a Willie Gunn.

There were seven on Wednesday, including two first evers, the first being Finn Taylor who landed a lovely 5lbs12ozs fish on a Green Peter off Finlough. The second was taken by Patrick Conroy, who is a Grandson of John Mills and was indeed under his tutelage when he landed a fish of 5lbs off Finlough on a Delphi Collie.

Rick Taylor, Finn’s father also had two fish both off Finlough on Cascades weighing in at 3lbs and 3lbs12ozs respectively. John Mills had another off Fin on a Willie Gunn of 6lbs1oz and William Beattie also had one on a Galway Green of 7lbs10ozs. Finally Chris Jarman had one off the Quarry pool of 4lbs10ozs on a Silver Stoat.DL_02082015_0033

Thursday was a little quieter with only three landed. Mick Kelly had a fine fresh fish of approx. 7lbs on a Silver Stoat from Dipper Run and Gareth Beattie had two cracking fish off Fin on a Willie Gunn of 8lbs and 9lbs2ozs.

On Friday Earl Horton from the USA landed his first ever salmon. The fish was taken off Doolough on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 6lbs5ozs. It was even more special as all the family shared the moment. Chris Jarman also had two, one from the Quarry on a Silver Stoat of 4lbs3ozs and one from Finlough again on a Silver Stoat of 2lbs10ozs. Finally Teddy Coulter had a fish of 3lbs10ozs off Fin on a Kinermony Killer.DL_02082015_1292

Yesterday the 1st of August four fish were landed. The first was taken by Chris Jarman from the Quarry on a Silver Stoat, weighing in at 3lbs10.5ozs. Gareth Beattie then had a fine fish from the Grilse of 9lbs6ozs on a Red Cascade. David Dunne had a fresh fish of 3lbs10ozs on a Yellow Shrimp off Fin and finally Jane Beattie had a nice fish of 6lbs8ozs on a Galway Green off Fin.

There are still fresh fish entering the system and with the forecast again for broken weather, there may be another good fishing week in store. D.McEvoy