Jarman Enters the 100 Club

Christopher Jarman 16th JulOn Saturday Christopher Jarman became the 14th angler to join the 100 club when he landed a 2lbs8ozs fish off Finlough on a Willie Gunn. His 99th fish which he caught earlier in the day would have been more suitable for such an honour as it weighed in at 11lbs13ozs. Any way all I can say from all here is well done Christopher.

The mention of the predicted heat wave not having arrived in my last blog is now completely outdated. Last week especially we were subjected to conditions that could only be described as a fisherman’s nightmare, with a high of 28.6 degrees C and clear blue skies every day. Therefore fishing was difficult to say the least, but some of those who persisted succeeded.

Urs managed to land a fish on the 6th off Fin of 2lbs13.5ozs on an Allie. Believe it or not it was his first fish from a drifting boat in 35 sessions. He was indeed extremely happy to have broken his fishless spell from the drifting boat.

He managed to land another on the 7th from the Turn pool of approx. 4lbs on the Neighbours Cat Nymph (don’t know how there’s any hair left on that cat)!

Damien Martin 16th JulMichael Righton then had a fish from the Road pool of approx. 3.5lbs on a Beaded nymph on the 9th.

On the 11th both Ciaran Boland and Urs had a fish each from Finlough of 2lbs15ozs and 2lbs respectively on a Delphi Collie. Terry Wilkinson followed suit the following day with a fish of 3lbs2ozs on a Willie Gunn.

By Saturday it had cooled down a little bit and it also proved to be quite a productive day on the fishery, with 6 fish landed. The pick of these was of course Christopher Jarman’s 11lbs13ozs fish from the Quarry on a beaded nymph. Mark Corps had three, one from the Middle River on a Curry shrimp, one from the Turn pool and one from the Road pool, both on a beaded nymph. Mike Shortt also had one from the Turn on a beaded nymph and Christopher Jarman had his second of the day and his 100th at Delphi, from Finlough.

Sunday we had four fish landed three from the Turn on beaded nymphs, two by Mark Corps and the pick of them Mike Shortt’s fish of 8lbs12ozs. Christopher Jarman also had a fish from the Sluice at Doolough on a Cascade.

yyt 015He was again on the score sheet yesterday when he landed a 7lbs4ozs fish from the Rock pool on a Silver Stoat.

Finally Damien Martin had a fish this morning off Finlough of 4lbs on a Delphi Collie and once again Christopher Jarman managed to defy all the odds in landing a 10lbs12ozs fresh fish from the Schoolhouse on a beaded nymph. That brings our total for season to 256.

At the moment the river is running at 5 and with no prospect of rain in the next few days it will be increasingly challenging to wangle a fish from the river. With a good breeze the lakes should be the best prospect. Even with the fish being a little dour there is always the sheer beauty of the valley to fall back on and enjoy.

D.Mc Evoy