Italy Leads the Way

Declan O'Mahoney & Eddie CarrWhile the salmon are not still on strike, they could show a bit more interest in what they are being presented with!! There are some good fresh fish entering the system but they are not really playing ball yet.

Since my last update we have landed 14 fish and lost as many more. Italy are way ahead in the International league fishing table this week with Giovanni Mazzoleni being the main man. He landed the first of his five fish for the week on Monday.

Giovanni had two on Monday, the first of 4lbs3.5ozs off the Road pool on a Cascade. He followed that later in the evening with a fish of 8lbs off Finlough on a Red Frances.

We landed three on Tuesday. Helmut Lecherman (Germany) had one off Fin steam of 4lbs3ozs on a Collie Dog. Scott Foster from Georgia (USA) managed to land his first ever salmon. It was 3lbs7ozs, from the Turn pool and on a Delphi Collie. Hans Peter Brugger(Switzerland) had a fish from the Whin pool of approx. 3.5lbs on a Willie Gunn.

Wednesday we landed four fish. Steve Robins from London also had his first ever, not a monster by any means at 2lbs but it’s still his first. It was taken in the Holly pool on Collie Dog. Hans Peter Brugger had another of 5lbs off the Deadman’s on a Willie Gunn. Giovanni added two more to his tally in half an hour off Fin stream on a Delphi Collie of 6lbs3ozs and 4lbs.

Thursday we landed three more. Giovanni landed one of 3lbs from Dipper run on a Collie Dog. Maureen Tyler(Scotland) had a beautiful fish of approx. 10lbs from Cooleens on a Cascade which her husband Trevor like a knight in shining armour jumped into the river and scooped it out before returning it again to the water. Finally Hans Peter Brugger landed a fish of approx. 7lbs off Doolough on a Green Peter.

Yesterday we landed two fish, both off Finlough. The first weighing in at 3lbs6ozs was taken by Eddie Carr on a Curry’s Red shrimp. The second, just to keep peace in the boat was taken by his boat partner Declan O’Mahoney, weighing in at 4lbs3ozs and taken on a Delphi Collie. There were also four or five fish hooked and lost yesterday.

So far today we have one fish landed off Finlough by David Dunne. The fish of 5lbs2ozs was taken on a Faughan Shrimp from the stream. As of yet the predicted heat wave has not arrived, as we have overcast misty weather and a little drizzle from time to time.