Hot and Sunny – Four Since Last Update – One Estimated at 20lbs

It’s hard to believe that we could have extremely dry and hot weather here when many parts of central Europe are unwater, which sadly resulted in some fatalities. Temperatures here have been reaching in excess of 20 degrees C most days and we have had the grand total of 2mms of rain in the last ten days, all of which fell last night. The river is now below 0 and fishing is challenging to say the least.

We did manage to land four fish since my last update, including one of approx. 20lbs. Didier Briand a guest of long standing regular Bertrand Fenart managed to land two fish. His first ever salmon was taken from the Turn Pool on the 1st of June on a Van Beck and weighed in at 8lbs15ozs. He then proceeded to land another the following day, in Weedy Bay at Doolough that was 97cms long and approx. 20lbs. The fish was more than likely a 3 sea winter which is the norm with fish this size. Well done Didier you are either very good or very lucky. Of course I should say that he had an excellent mentor in Bertrand Fenart who had been visiting Delphi since the mid 1970’s.

Bertrand managed to land a fish of his own on the 2nd also. The fish weighed in at 9lbs2ozs and was taken from the Turn Pool on a Collie Dog. The following day Bob Hadden who it must be said tried hard all week was finally rewarded with a fish from the Turn Pool of 8lbs1oz on a Collie Dog.

That made a total of five for the week as Paul Wymes had landed a nice sea liced fish of 9lbs4ozs from the Whin Pool on the 30th of May.

We have a full contingent of anglers this week and I must say they are trying hard in extremely difficult conditions. Water temperatures have even reached 18 degrees in the past week. At the moment it looks like we will see a return to more normal Atlantic weather patterns by the weekend with rain forecast for Saturday night. Some parts of the country got heavy rain yesterday but we avoided it and got 2mms instead which did not help water levels at all.

Here’s hoping for some rain shortly!!





16-06-02 Delphi lodge turn pool Bertrand Fenart_3DL_070616_378