Hope for Sea Trout

There was some very good news on the sea trout front yesterday. Bernard Barton and family had a good days sea trout fishing, landing 15 in total, 3 off Fin in morning and 12 off Doo in afternoon.12 fish were over 1lb, including 1 off Fin of 7lbs8ozs approx. and 1 off Doo of 3lbs4ozs approx. The big fish off Finlough was a male and was more than likely sea trout that had reverted to a brown trout/canabal. All fish were caught dapping crickets.

I’m not saying one swallow makes a summer but it sure as hell beats anything we have had so far as regards sea trout fishing. Added to this Tom and Shirley Morrison had 6 sea trout this morning off Doo. On the salmon front it has been one of those frustrating days with plenty seen but nothing landed yet. However Shirley Morrison did land a 6lbs11.5ozs fish yesterday off Finlough on a Claret Bumble. I will keep people posted on sea trout front and will hopefully will have more good news in the next few days.

More importantly we do have a certain amount of availability on the fishery over the next few days.