Hello Again

Rock_Pool_FebWell I suppose you all think that we here in Delphi are like the bears that go into hibernation in the wintertime!! Ha, ha I wish. I’m afraid that is far from the truth and we all have been extremely busy here with stripping (fish that is), shooting, bookings and marketing and basically trying to spruce the place up for the coming season.

We had a successful shooting season with good numbers of birds seen especially after Christmas. Throughout the season we would have flushed an average of 61 woodcock per day. There were reports of plenty of birds in the Midlands and East which would normally not be the case. This may have been primarily due to the extremely mild weather conditions.

Speaking of which, in my last blog you may have gotten some idea of the kind of weather we have been having. In two words “wet and windy”. Probably more wet than windy as we escaped relatively unharmed unlike many local coastal communities which were devastated by huge tides and swell, with many low lying buildings being flooded and coast roads and car parks at some local beaches, either disappeared or very badly damaged.

Rainfall for December and January here at Delphi was 503.6mms (19.83 inches) and523.3mms (20.6 inches) respectively. Put into perspective this is the equivalent of 33% of a wet years rainfall in two months. For the first ten days in February we have had 168.1mms.

To date salmo salar has alluded all those who have dared to venture forth on their first fishing expedition of the year. There is always a great sense of expectation when one gets the fly back in the water again, ever hopeful of that slow draw on the line and then!! We had a group of regular clients who enjoyed the Blast and Cast; the Blast being more successful than the Cast. There was however a fresh fish lost on opening day, which was indeed a great pity.

Since then we have had to make do with the two second thrill of the odd kelt on the line. It must be said that conditions have been extremely difficult with the lowest water levels so far being 55cms. As soon as the water comes into nice fishing order we normally get another belt of rain, which generally puts it up over 70 again. Today we have had snow and the water temperature this morning dropped to 4.2 degrees C, (not for the faint hearted).

Having said that credit must go to our two anglers who tried hard all last week and for those who have persevered so far this week. It’s at times like these that one really appreciates the beauty of the surroundings and a fish can be considered a bonus albeit a big one.

Hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to report on the landing of our first fresh fish of the year. As one of our more experienced anglers says “You never know the minute”.