Happy St.Patrick’s Day

Gareth Byrne (3) March '12Our last fish on Tuesday was when the river was at 20. Since then the water dropped until we had heavy rain on Thursday and Thursday night, 35.2mm to be exact.

This gave the system a good flush of water and we had fresh fish in. Conditions on Friday were good and Gareth Byrne from Offaly had a cracking fish off Finlough of 15lbs on a Cascade. Surprisingly that was all we had yesterday,

Today we have a new Swedish group in for the week headed by Hasse Dehlin.  Conditions today are excellent and the tops of the hills are even white so it’s typical Spring fishing. Joakim Jonsson started the week in fine style landing a fish that weighed in about 9lbs on a Sunrae Shadow from the Holly Pool. He then proceeded to lose one in the Rock.

The water is now running at 50 so there should be nice water for a few days.

And to all reading Happy St.Paddy’s day.