Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Well, its hard to believe that it St. Patrick’s Day already. It was often the case in the old days that fishing really kicked off around this time and it appears this year is no different as we have landed nine fish in the last seven days.

Yvonne and Werner were first off the mark on the 10th with a fish each. Water levels were perfect at 35. Yvonne landed a lovely fish in the Whin Pool of 9lbs3ozs on a Delphi Collie. Werner followed this up with one of approx. 8.5lbs in Morrisons, taken on a Night Star.

DL_170318_4Sunday was a beautiful day, with broken sunshine and temperatures well up. One would say that there was a little bit of nature and softness in the day. With water levels at 30 the day produced three fish. Paul Smyth had a nice fish of approx. 9lbs off Fin on a Shrimp Fly tied by himself.

Donald Cottle who was one of a group of five from Somerset managed to land his first ever salmon. It weighed in at 7lbs7ozs, was taken on a Park Shrimp Conehead and not surprisingly from the Rock Pool. Craig Newsome had a fish of 7lbs10ozs from the Waterfall on a Gold Shrimp in the afternoon.

There were fish seen on Monday, water levels were 20 but they were not in the mood. Tuesday was a washout and we ended up with 50mms of rain in the 24hour period. The river rose to 80. Conditions were perfect the next morning with the river running at 50.

Luke Drea had a nice fish of 7lbs10ozs from the Whin Pool on a Cascade Tube at the start of play. It looked like we were in for another good day even though there was some rain forecast. But as in often the case in Delphi we got more than expected and the afternoon was extremely wet, with 15mms falling in four hours and the river rose again to 60.

DL_170318_3Conditions, yesterday were perfect, with the river at 50 and we also had a crack team of anglers out. Paul Wymes as is often the case got his year off to a flying start with two fish from the Rock Pool in the space of twenty minutes. Both were taken on a Willie Gunn Copper Tube, fished on a fast sinking line.

The first weighed in at 9lbs4ozs and the second approx. 8.5lbs. Teddy Coulter followed this up in the afternoon with another good fish of 9lbs from the New Island on a Tosh Potbelly Pig. There were also a couple lost and a few handshakes too. In the afternoon I actually saw four fresh fish at the bottom of the river, so we should see some action over the next few days. Our team of experienced Swedish anglers will hopefully bag a few and I will update you all in due course. D.McEvoy

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