Good Run Continues

Our encouraging run of fish that started last Thursday the 9th has continued since my last update. Indeed at the time of writing the 5th fish had been landed but I was unaware of the fact. Yvonne had just landed a nice sea liced fish of 7lbs7ozs from Cooleens on a Nightstar. Water was running at 68 at the time.

Michael Wymes then made the long trip from Dublin to fish on Sunday was justly rewarded with a beautiful fish of approx. 10lbs from the Rock Pool on a Willie Gunn. Needless to say Michael was like a child at Christmas time especially as it gives him a head start on his son Paul, who generally lands a few from time to time. There were also two fish lost in the Meadow Pool, one by a very experienced angler who shall remain nameless as the line got wrapped around the handle of the reel. No prizes for guessing what happened next!! You can also take it for granted that the angler did not get much sympathy from anyone, but I did tell him it would be one to remember.

Rock PoolThere was a fish lost, again in the Meadow Pool on Monday and then yesterday Martin Davison, with the help of Robert Gillespie had a lovely fish of approx. 8.5lbs from the Rock Pool on a Willie Gunn. I also have seen fish entering the system in the last couple of days. We are basically full now for the next 2 to 3 weeks barring a cancellation, so feel free to call anyway.

Here’s hoping for a continuation of the good fishing. D.McEvoy