Good Numbers Running but Hard Caught

DL_2666Week 28 was frustrating from a salmon angling viewpoint, with plenty of fish running but they were playing very hard to get. The water was quite low until Saturday when it rose to 35, after 15mms on Friday night. A good number of fish were lost but there was definitely no great take on them until Saturday when we had the higher water.

Werner Fasching had the first of the week on the 10th, a grilse of 3lbs8ozs from Boat Point on Finlough on a Black and Yellow. Marcolo Hunfan had a fish of approx. 4lbs from the Stream on Fin on the 11th on a Cascade. Dermot O’Farrell also landed his first ever, a nice fish of 4lbs10ozs from Whin Pool on a Collie Dog. Ian Morrison had a grilse of approx. 4lbs from the Mouth of the Glenummera on Doolough of approx. 4lbs on a Willie Gunn.

Saturday the water was up and there was definitely more movement on fish with six landed. Michael Righton had two, one from the Turn Pool of 4lbs5ozs and one from the Grilse Pool of approx. 5lbs both on a Sunrae Shadow. DL_0279Charles Finch also had two, one of approx. 2lbs from the Bridge Pool and one of approx. 3.5lbs from the Turn, both on a Red Frances. Paul Wymes had one of 3lbs15ozs from the Whin Pool on a Willie Gunn and Michael Van Mourik had one from the Turn of 4lbs12ozs on a Lemon Grey. There were also a good number of fish hit and missed on Saturday, but the later session was difficult as the wind died and the dreaded midge appeared, which made fishing rather uncomfortable to say the least.

The first few days of this week are promised fine which will test our anglers this week, but more broken weather is promised from mid-week on, so I will be expecting great things. D.McEvoy.