God(e) Bags his First Ever

Jens Kober and Heribert Konvalin 07.05.12It was a great day for John Gode who managed to land his first ever salmon on Doolough yesterday. The fish weighed in at 8lbs15ozs and was taken on the troll.

The fish was relatively fresh, less than a month and needless to say John was a very happy man. He is pictured here with Andrea who was also trying to catch her first salmon.

On the score sheet again was Alan Molloy who had another sea liced fish from the Whin Pool, yesterday. It was taken on a Cascade and weighed in at approx. 6lbs. The river at this stage was at -3.

We got some rain last night and this morning 24.2mm and the river peaked at 15 and is now at 12.

Having said that it didn’t make any difference to Jens on his first visit to Delphi, who within 15 minutes of starting landed a sea liced fish of 6lbs and half an ounce on a Collie Dog from the Whin Pool. The fish was netted by Heribert who having fished all last week and still hasn’t got off the mark, did well not to knock the fish off and throw Jens in the river.

Hopefully we will get a bit more rain this week as there seems to be a good number of fish on the way.


John Gode 06 May 2012 002 V2