Fredo on a Roll

Fredo's 2ndIn my last update on Sunday, I said that Urs needed 19 to make 400. Shortly after the update it decreased to 18 and counting. He won’t get many marks for this one as a Springer, as it was estimated at just over 5lbs and was taken from the Meadow pool on an Improved Helmore’s Hackles. Not one of your better Springers Urs!!

On Monday Geoff Lucas landed his first of the week from the Waterfall on a Delphi Collie. Again I’m afraid this was no monster coming in even smaller at just under 5lbs.

Gladly Fredo brought proceedings back to some form of normality when his wife Christine netted his second fish of the week, a sea liced fish of 8lbs8.5ozs from the Whin pool. The fish took a Collie Dog. It was Christine’s first time to net a salmon, so well done to her for doing so, successfully!

Water levels are still holding nicely at 30, so hopefully we will see some more fish in the next couple of days. D.McEvoy