Four for March so Far

Total salmon landed for February was 13, which was the best since 2001. It’s great to get off to a good start and it has continued to be impressive so far in March with four landed and quite a few seen and lost for the time of year.

As per usual in week 10, we have a long standing, experienced group from Bavaria. They landed two on the 4thwith Mattias landing his second of the season, a beautiful sea liced fish of approx. 10lbs in the Rock Pool on a Nightstar. As with his first Mattias had the excellent guidance and tutelage of our resident casting and fishing guru Robert Gillespie. DL_R_19

At the same time Mattias got his’ Rudi Groener landed a fish in the Waterfall of 9lbs2ozs on a Willie Gunn copper tube.

We must also mention his son Max who has had the misfortune of losing two, one in the tail end of the Turn Pool after 15 minutes and a handshake in the Waterfall. He also rose another fish. Normally this time of year when Spring fish take, they’re on and that’s it.

On the 6thWerner had two, the first of 8lbs2ozs in the Rock Pool on a Black and Yellow copper tube, with the river running at 70. Half an hour later he landed a second fish of approx. 8lbs in Morrisons, again on a Black and Yellow copper tube. Yesterday despite lovely conditions we blanked; that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching!

At this point in time there is availability next week, especially from Wednesday through till Sunday. So, if you have not ventured out yet, it would be well worth a cast. D.McEvoy

Bookings can be made through our website or give us a call on +353 (0) 954-2222 and we will be delighted to look after you.