Five for February

Our February total finished up at five, which is just above our 10 year average of 4.5. There were two more fish landed since my last update. Both fish were landed on the 27th by Peter Moran from Derry. The first was in the Waterfall and weighed in at approx. 6.5lbs. The second, a couple of hours later came from the Meadow Pool and weighed in at 14lbs14ozs. Both fish were taken on Delphi Collies. Peter was delighted to have landed one, but when he landed the second he could not believe his luck! Well done Peter.

It must be said that conditions were excellent with the river being lower than it had been for some time at 55. These two fish plus the previous three brought our monthly total to five.

DL_2823It should also be noted that we had a tremendous amount of rain here for February with 484.6mms (19.1”). This is actually the highest for any month since February 2014 when we had 497.7 (19.6”). This was the end of a period of very wet weather when December 2013 was 503.6mms (19.8”) and January 2914 of 523.3mms (20.6”).

Hopefully the pattern will not follow suit to the same extent. It looks like this week will be somewhat drier and March has already gotten off to a good start, with a couple of fish being lost and Werner had one this morning of 7lbs6ozs on a Nightstar in the Waterfall Pool. The water had again dropped to 58. There are rods available next week from the 8th to the 14th on a River/Fin basis, so if anyone is interested please give us a shout.

On a sadder note Delphi has once again lost two long standing customers and friends, Somerset Moore and Maggie Sims. Somerset has being coming to Delphi in September with Martin and Jeremy since the late 80’s and Somerset was always on good form and really loved his time in Delphi. Maggie had been coming to Ireland long before my time and fished many places around the West with her father and her brother George Westropp, and her bereaved first husband Joe Vaux and then with her present husband Paul Simms. Maggie came West at various times throughout the season and was as good a fly angler as there was. We will miss them both, may they rest in peace. D.McEvoy

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