Fishing Improves Dramatically

Ciaran_1Since my last update we have landed 19 fish and there have been quite a few lost. I have also seen fish entering the system on a regular basis. It must be said that conditions have been ideal with plenty of water, although water temperatures did drop to 7.9 degrees C this morning, which it must be said did not deter the fish in any way as we have landed 6 so far today in a strong Northerly wind.

Paul Wymes finally got his Delphi year started with a fine fish of 10lbs7ozs from the Stream on Fin on the 16th on a Curry’s Red. He landed another off the Turn pool on the 17th of 7lbs on a Sunray Shadow. Mikko Lofgren from Finland had a cracking fish of 11lbs9ozs off the Rock pool on a Red Frances. Ciaran_2Ciaran Boland had a magic half hour on the Whin pool in the afternoon landing one of 8lbs8ozs and another of approx. 11lbs on a Red Frances.

Simon Albertini got his week off to a great start on the 18th with a fish of 8lbs8ozs from the Stream on Fin on a Willie Gunn. Arthur Jardine also had a fish on Sunday off Doolough of approx. 12lbs.

The 19th saw 3 fish landed. Niall Higgins had a 9lbs fish from Salmon City on Finlough on an Allie shrimp. Kurt Roth had one of Doolough of 8lbs11ozs and Graham Feilden had one of approx. 9.75lbs.

DSCN1048The 20th saw only one landed when Mikko Lofgren had his second of the week, off the Stream on Fin of 5lbs11ozs on a Temple Dog.

There were 2 landed on the 21st, John Plumb with one from the Turn pool of 4lbs13ozs on Black Braham and Mikko Lofgren landing his third, a fish of 7lbs9ozs at Sandy point on Fin on a Red Frances.

There was nothing taken on the 22nd as the conditions were extreme with strong Northerly gales, very heavy showers and bitterly cold temperatures for the time of year.

Today there were 6 landed so far. John Plumb had his second of the week, a 5lbs7.5ozs fish from the Waterfall on a Pot Belly Pig. Graham Feilden also had his second, a fish of 5lbs3ozs from Sligo Bay on Fin on a Willie Gunn. Seamus O’Neill also had a fish off Fin from Salmon City on a Sunray Shadow of 7lbs10ozs. DSCN1046In the afternoon Martin Devlin had one off Doolough on a Delphi Collie of 8lbs1oz. Kurt Roth had his second of the week, a fish of approx. 5.75lbs from the Middle river on a nondescript. The best was then saved till last when Charles Dring landed his first of the week, a picture perfect fish of 11lbs11ozs from the Goat pool on a Willie Gunn. I netted the fish for Charles as he had sent out a distress call to the lodge for me to come down with a net. I could not have been happier to answer the distress call, just to witness the sheer joy on Charles’ face when the fish was finally brought to net.

With plenty of water in the system and what appears to be good numbers of fish entering the system there should be a few more fish in the next few days. D.McEvoy