Fish Taking Slower – Still 20 for the Week

DL08082015_1301After the highs of the previous week the salmon brought all our expert anglers back down to earth this week, proving a little harder to get. We still however managed to land twenty for the week, despite Monday being more or less unfishable due to high winds and rain.

We drew a blank on Sunday last which was the first fishless day for some time. Monday we had one before the madness started. William Beattie landed a magnificent sea liced grilse of 7lbs6ozs in the Horseshoe on a Willie Gunn. Then the wind started to increase and we had over 28mms of rain with the river rising to 90.

There were five landed on Tuesday with Paul Wymes landing four. One was from the sluice at Doolough of approx. 3.5lbs on a Foxford shrimp and two from the Middle river, one of approx. 4lbs on a Willie Gunn and one of 4lbs3ozs also on a Willie Gunn. He then got one from the Stream on Finlough of 9lbs3ozs on a Foxford shrimp. Urs also managed to land a fish of 8lbs on a Delphi Collie in the Quarry pool. Urs and Paul (The Dream Team in Delphi Fishing Circles) did share a boat on Finlough in the afternoon and blanked, so they are human after all, (even though Paul did land the 9lbs3ozs fish later in the stream.)

We landed three on Wednesday, with Neville McConnell bagging all three off Finlough. They were all taken on a Green shrimp and weighed in at 3lbs2ozs, 4lbs3ozs and 3lbs13ozs respectively.

The 6th was the turn of the Beattie party to keep the catches going with three for the day. William had one from the Quarry on a Bann Special of 4lbs. Gareth had one from the Rock pool of 4lbs5ozs on a Gary Dog and Oliver Ross had one off Fin of 1lb14ozs on a Green Shrimp.

There were four on the 7th with Urs landing landing two, one of 3lbs on a Recycled shrimp from the Whin and one from the Bridge pool of 3lbs8ozs on a Bann Special. Neville McConnell had another off Fin on a Green shrimp of 4lbs12ozs. Conor O’Leary had a nice fish of 2lbs15ozs from the Rock pool on a Bann Special.

Finally there were four yesterday. Urs had three, one of approx. 4.5lbs from the Whin pool on a Delphi Collie and two from Boat Point on Fin, one of 8lbs4ozs and one of 2lbs12.5ozs both on a Willie Gunn. Paul Wymes also had a fish off Fin of 5lbs8ozs on a Curry’s Red shrimp.

With more rain last night and today the river is still in perfect order so hopefully the fish will keep coming!!