Fish at Last

photoWell it’s nice to say that since my last update we have nine fish landed and a few more lost. I must say it certainly a welcome relief from our point of view to see some fish appear.

It must be said that we have had nice fishing conditions since the 4th with almost 3” or 75cms of rain which has been a great help.

Heribert was the first off the mark with a beautiful fish from Finlough on Tuesday. The fish was approx. 13lbs and was taken on a Collie Dog.

We had four on Wednesday, three off the river and one off Fin. Peter O’Reilly led the way with two fish off the river. The first was off the Turn pool of approx. 6lbs and the second from the Grilse of approx. 8lbs. Both fish were taken on a Cascade.

DSCN1032Angus Sutherland had a lovely fish of 11lbs3ozs off the Meadow pool on a Delphi Collie, which was just reward for the many hours put in during the week.

Finally Niall Green had a fish off the stream on Finlough of 9lbs7ozs, on a Willie Gunn.

There was also a fish broken in on the Meadow pool earlier in the day.

Thursday Heribert had his second fish of the week a cracking 11lbs4ozs fish from the stream on Finlough on a Collie Dog. Again we also had another fish broken in on the Meadow pool.

Friday there were a few fish seen but no hook ups until Ken Williams who I was guiding and I must say was fishing beautifully broke in a fish on the Meadow pool. I must take part responsibility for this as I left his side for about 4 minutes to check the bottom of the pool and as I was walking back through the gate I could see the commotion up the pool and there was a fair bend in the rod! Needless to say you all know what happened next. If I was standing beside Ken I may have got the message across to give the fish a bit of line. However as I said to Ken about an hour later he’ll remember that one for a while to come.

So far today we have one fish landed. Mark Corps had a lovely fish of 6lbs3ozs with long tail sea lice from Goughs bay on Fin on a Cascade.

With plenty water in the system and a full complement of exceptionally keen rods and more fish to be seen I will be expecting great things this week. D.McEvoy