Excellent February to Date

DSCN1218First of all I must apologise that my updates have been less frequent than usual. The reason for this is I have been moving office up to the Old Rod room (for those of you who remember where that was), and both the computer and myself have been in limbo land. Thankfully I just got everything set up yesterday and for those of you who use the cottages you’ll be all glad to hear that this improvement in technology also means that there is now wi fi in the cottages.

My old office has been turned back into a twin room and is to be renamed “The Heneghan Suite” in honour of the Heneghan family and especially one of the former great characters of Delphi, Paddy.

Well the fishing in February has been excellent and we have now caught seven to date. From my own observations, not alone have we caught seven but anytime I have checked the river, more often than not I have seen fresh fish. We had a period where the DSCN1205water got low but even then I saw fish. During this low water we had some of the most beautiful weather when even an amateur like me can take beautiful photos. It’s days like these that make spring fishing special.

Friday week last I also saw the otter in daytime hours and followed him up the Turn pool for 100 metres and also managed to get a few photos. Although I must say that on this occasion the otter was less successful than Delphi’s own Mick Wade who managed to land a cracking fish on Valentine’s Day.

Last week we had three to four anglers all week and the majority all met or lost fish on the river. Water levels were excellent DSCN1209throughout the week varying from 50 to 65.

Our first fish of the week was however only landed on Friday by Steve Jones who did exceptionally well to hook and land a fish in the Schoolhouse with the river at 62. He was on the far side as this pool fishes much better on the opposite bank in high water. It was his last cast there and he reckoned the fish’s tail must have been rubbing against the weir at the outflow. The fish was sea liced, was taken on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 6lbs15ozs.

I’m expecting great things this weekend as we have four hardened salmon anglers spearheaded by Angus Sutherland. “No pressure lads.”

That brings our total for February to date to seven fish, which if it stays like that will be the most productive since 2007 when we had nine. I would be very hopeful that we will get a few more before the month is out. D.McEvoy