End of an Era…

It was with great sadness that we received word that at 6a.m. this morning Paddy Heneghan passed away in his sleep. Paddy was born on the 27th June 1922, so was a few months short of his 90th birthday. He was in hospital since before Christmas and even though the body had faded the mind was as sharp as ever.

Paddy was the ultimate Irish ghillie as many of his family had been before him. His boat handling abilities were supreme. He was born in the valley and lived here all his life. He would have ghillied from the 1930’s right through to 2010.

There was no doubt that in latter years Paddy had his favourites and his favourites had him, but if we’re still sitting in a boat in our 80’s we can have our favourites too. There is no doubt that he has landed more fish than any ghillie at present in Delphi.

Paddy is survived by his brother Micheal and his sister Nonie who lived with him at the family home at Doolough.

David McEvoy