Easter Sunshine and Soaring Temperatures

Sorry for not updating you all recently but it has been a bit hectic here in the last few weeks. This has not been due to the huge amount of fish we have caught but, nonetheless we have five landed since my last update.

We have had some very dry weather since and there has been a biting Easterly wind a lot of the time. Water levels dropped off to 5 on the gauge last Saturday and then we had some heavy rain on Saturday night, followed by extreme winds on Sunday and Monday. The river went to 50 briefly on Sunday morning but is now back down to 15 with high temperatures and blue skies. There may be some rain early next week, which would be a big help, especially to get the remaining kelts and smolts out safely to sea.

Jim Stafford was the first on the catch sheet since my last update, with a nice fish of approx. 10lbs off Doolough on the 9th. There were a few fish met that week on the river, but none were landed. There were fresh fish still coming in, but they were not co-operating. This changed with the rise in water levels on Sunday morning. DL_190419_4Bob Hadden had a fish from the Whin Pool of 8lbs6ozs on a RS Super Snaelda. Shortly afterwards Wolfgang Bohn landed his first ever salmon, a fish of 8lbs8ozs from the Turn Pool on a Cascade.

Angus Sutherland managed to land a fish on Finlough on the 16th, of 6lbs9ozs on a Willie Gunn and Brian O’Donoghue followed suit on the 18thwhen he landed one of 7lbs from Wrens Bay on a Silver Shrimp. Fish have been seen entering the river in the last couple of days but with the lower water and sunny days they are much more difficult to tempt.

Hopefully there is a change on the way from early next week which should freshen things and help the downstream and upstream migration. DMcEvoy

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