Dunne lands Delphi’s First


David Dunne - First of the season! Feb 22David Dunne managed to land our first fresh salmon of 2013 today in the Whin pool in what one could only describe as extreme conditions. Whether it was due to the skill of the angler or not remains to be seen but credit where credit is due; well done David.

The fish weighing in at 10lbs and half an ounce was graciously netted by his fishing companion Alan Molloy who had allowed David fish the Whin pool first!!!

Conditions were not ideal with water level at 18, water temperature 5.2 degrees C and the weather clear dry and bitterly cold, approx. 2 degrees C.

Hopefully it’s the first of many for the 2013 season. From now on we have some serious anglers arriving so I’ll be expecting great things!!! D.McEvoy