Did I Say Blue Skies at Last!

Well the blue skies didn’t last for long here at Delphi or anywhere else in the country for that matter since my last update. We have had 79.5mms (3.12”) of rain in the interim. The river has rarely fallen below 35 which made for lovely water but the fish were far from cooperative. There were also a few days were Doolough in particular was unfishable due to high winds.

As a result ten fish were landed in the intervening period. First off the mark on the 16th was Hugh Brennan who landed a nice fish of approx. 3.5lbs at Glencullin Point on Doolough on a Silver Stoat. Hugh was fishing with Peter Morris and they proved to be the dynamic duo for the week. They had two on the 17th, both off fin. The first was taken by Peter in Salmon City weighing in at 4lbs7ozs on a Delphi Collie and Hugh had the second, also from Salmon City of 6lbs7ozs on a Cascade. Brendan Keenan also had a nice fresh fish off the Schoolhouse on the river of 4lbs on a Silver Stoat.

DL3108_0277Peter Morris had his second on the 19th at the Harbour on Doolough of approx. 4lbs again on a Delphi Collie. He had another from Salmon City on Fin on the 20th. The fish was again taken on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 4lbs12ozs.

Hugh Brennan managed to land two on the 21st from the river. The first was taken in the Quarry pool on an Ally Shrimp and weighed in at 8lbs6ozs. The second also on an Ally Shrimp was from the Grilse pool and weighed in at 4lbs5ozs.

The past week has been slow with three landed. David Allcutt had two. The first was a nice fish of 6lbs2ozs in the Stream on Fin taken on a Silver Stoat and the second was from Cooleens of approx. 5lbs again on a Silver Stoat. The third was taken by Niall Green at the Black Rock on Glencullin of approx. 3lbs on a Red Assed Green Peter.

We also had our sea trout specialists Tom and Shirley Morrison last week but I’m afraid they only managed to land four. Sea trout so far this year have been poor and well down on last year, not only here but on a number of fisheries.

With September starting tomorrow hopefully we will start to see more activity with the salmon as they often tend to become more aggressive later in the year. D.McEvoy