Costa del Delphi

Well the sun has really come out in fine style here in the last few days, with beautiful clear, sunny dry days with little or no wind. Ideal fishing weather of course, ha, ha!!! It is definitely a wonderful opportunity to see this landscape at its most beautiful.

The fishing is challenging to say the least but we have managed to land five since my last update including two yesterday.

Delphi_2115_366John Mills landed another fish for his week on the 13th. The fish was taken at the Fallen Tree on Fin weighed in at 8lbs5ozs and was taken on a Willie Gunn.

On the 15th there was great celebrations when Mary Donovan landed a beautiful sea liced fish from the stream on Fin. The fish weighed in at 9lbs5ozs and was taken on the Felix Dolan.

John Mills then landed another fish from Finlough on the 16th of approx. 11lbs. Unusually this time the fish was taken on a Connemara Grey.

Yesterday we landed two fish. Greg Gudger from the US managed to land his first ever Atlantic salmon. The fish was taken in bright sunshine from the Whin pool on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 6lbs6ozs. It was beautifully netted by his fishing partner Melissa Slaughter.

Heinz then had a fish at 5pm from the Rock pool, again in bright sunshine on a Collie Dog. The fish weighed in at 7lbs9ozs.

The river is now running at 17 and dropping, but hopefully we expect some change in weather patterns at the weekend. There are still fish moving up through the system and last week there were plenty but they were very difficult to stir. I would be very hopeful that if we see a change in weather the fish should start to be a lot more active than of late.