Cold Snap Continues but Fish Still Coming

Yvonne Zirngibl 3 Mar 13Shortly after posting my last update on the 27th, Yvonne, one of our regular guests managed to land a beautiful 6lbs2ozs sea liced fish from the Whin pool. The fish was taken on a Collie Dog and was landed by her husband.

Since then water levels have dropped off and fish are becoming increasingly difficult  to entice, especially since water temperatures have dropped even more and were only 4.4 degrees C this morning. There are still fish to be seen in the river, as only yesterday I saw 4 in one pool. Hopefully someone will manage to wangle one out!!

This now brings total for the year to 18, which considering the conditions is not bad at all. Personally I would actually be quite optimistic whenever we do return to normal weather that we will be pleasantly surprised by the number of fish. I hope I don’t have to eat my words!!! D.McEvoy