Cold and Dry But Fish Keep Coming

It’s hard to believe that May Day is nearly upon us already. As I was driving one of the most scenic roads in the country to work this morning the top of Mweelree and Sheffrey were white with hail and snow. Needless to say it was extremely beautiful, but something one would associate more with December and January rather than the last week in April. As a result since my last update the weather has been fine but cold and sometimes bloody freezing. Water levels are now well down with the river running at about 5.

All things considered the fishing has not been that bad at all. We have landed eleven fish since my last update. We had two on Sunday the 17th and it was Alexander Mills who struck again, either that or he had a hand from on high guiding him. His first was from Finlough and was taken on a Cascade and weighed in at 7lbs9ozs, the second from the Whin again on a Cascade, weighing in at approx. 9.5lbs.

The following day Monday, we landed four. Rob Fanshawe and Billy Marshall had one each off Doolough of approx. 4 and 4.5lbs. Alexander Mills had another off Finlough again on a Cascade of approx. 7.5lbs. Terry Johnson had a lovely fish off the Whin pool of approx. 10lbs on an Allie Shrimp.

Fish then became more uncooperative and it wasn’t until Saturday that Charlie Clifton landed one on Doolough of approx. 4.5lbs. Sunday there was a change of the guard and as always new people fish with great expectations and they were indeed rewarded with firstly Heinz having a lovely fish of 9lbs off the Whin on a Sunrae Shadow and then Dominic Cox having one off Finlough of 6lbs on a Cascade.

Not to be outdone by his fishing partner Dominic, Brian Pattinson had a fish of 5lbs12ozs from the Whin pool on Monday morning on a Blue Charm. This fish was sea liced despite the river being below 10. Finally Michael Pettigrew had a fish of approx. 7lbs yesterday off Finlough on a Bibio. Nothing has been landed yet today, despite what feels like a slightly warmer day at times. Hopefully there will be a rise in temperatures over the next few days and some much needed rain as from an angling perspective it would be most welcome!! D.McEvoy