Charlie Cooper’s Cracker

Charles Cooper 17lbs6ozs Delphi Salmon June 2012It’s difficult to describe the fishing over the last few days; I would have expected to have more fish landed but for some reason it hasn’t happened, until …..

Since my update last Saturday morning we have had 8 more fish and 2 of those were on Saturday.

Ciaran Boland had a fish from the Rock pool of 4lbs6ozs on a Vanbeck and David Dunne had another from the Whin pool of 6lbs1oz on a Willie Gunn.

There was only one on Sunday, a beautiful 7lbs10ozs sea liced fish taken from the Rock pool on a Conehead Shrimp by Charles Carroll.

We had nothing on Monday or Tuesday and then 2 yesterday. Both fish weighed in at 3lbs14ozs and were taken in the Schoolhouse and Turn pool respectively by Margaret Downes and Charles Cooper, on a Collie Dog and a Gary Dog.

Rubin Vyncke from Belgium who is trying to catch his first salmon has managed at least 6 handshakes and seen a lot more. There are fish there; if I could look into the crystal ball I’d tell you exactly how many but I’m afraid I can’t. Anytime I have looked in the river I have seen fish but they are on strike at the moment. Finlough has been disappointing this week, but hopefully it will pick up as we have had another good flush of water with the river at 65 at lunchtime.

As you all know we are in the most technologically advanced valley in the world!!!!! This blog was ready to be posted yesterday when technology surprisingly failed us. As it happens I went down the river to find out if anything was stirring, and indeed it was.

Charles Cooper who was fishing Francis Ashe’s rod had just landed two fish. His first, which was sea liced was off the Quarry pool and weighed in at 17lbs6ozs. It was taken on a Gary Dog tube. After a titanic struggle between man and fish. Charles, finally landed the fish 40 minutes later. He also broke his net in the process.


He then landed another lovely sea liced fish, on the Rock pool of 6lbs8ozs on the same Gary Dog which under normal circumstances would be a cracker but looked like a minnow beside the monster.

His fishing partner Paddy Varian also landed a fine sea liced fish from the Deadmans of approx. 9lbs8ozs. This fish also took a Gary Dog.

Just if there is anyone reading this who is dreaming of 17lbs salmon and would like a little break in July or August we still have some fishing available – for those interested please contact the office.

There is of course the added attraction that you get to meet all the wonderful staff here and experience the ambiance of Delphi Lodge!!! See you then.