Bundorragha River

This beautiful mountain river is the crown jewel of Delphi and is a classic clear running semi spate river that drains the waters of the Delphi valley from the lakes into Killary Harbour, Ireland’s only fjord. From the point of view of the flyfishing angler the Bundorragha river is indeed paradise. The river is easily fished from both banks with little or no obstruction and falls from one holding pool to another in such a way that the angler is continuously fishing and absorbed with the feeling that there is a chance of a take with every cast. 

This river is truly a gem to fish and for 99% of the year the river runs clear due to the filtering effect of the lakes further up the Delphi valley. Unlike many spate rivers the Bundorragha can be fished, running clear, even in very high water. Due to an average annual rainfall of 110” (2790 mms), large reserves of water accumulate in the Estate lakes. These constant clear waters are released slowly from this natural catchment area resulting in ideal water levels and excellent fishing conditions for most of the season. 

This river is set in a truly beautiful environment and in addition to its unique fishing it holds a large population of Fresh Water Pearl mussels. In fact, this is the best remaining pearl mussel population in Europe, one of the few classified as being in Positive Conservation Status and is a clear indication of the pristine water quality.