27 May 2012 Doolough_(11)While the fishing has quietened down with just 1 fish since my last update, the weather is nothing short of breathtaking.

It may not be fantastic fishing weather, but it gives one a chance to take time out and enjoy Connemara in all its splendour. When we get weather like this, clear blue skies and mid twenties its hard to better what we have on our doorstep.

I just took a few pictures this morning so I think I’ll let them do the talking as it difficult to choose words to accurately portray the beauty surrounding us.

On the fishing front Ollie Watkins was the man who managed to land our last fish. It was a sea liced fish of approx. 8lbs taken from the Turn pool last Thursday. It took a Gold Headed Hares Ear Nymph. Well done Ollie.

There have been a few half hearted offers since but nothing stuck. Having said that fishing conditions have been extremely difficult over the last few days and look like continuing for the next few also.


27 May 2012_Doolough (2)