Barcoe bags First Ever

Ollie Watkins MayWell, believe it or not we have had 5 fish since my last update, despite very difficult conditions. All fish bar 1 have been taken on the lakes with the river now only at 12.

Delphi regular Ollie Watkins had a fish on his first day, Saturday last from the Turn pool. The fish weighed in at 6lbs4ozs and was taken on a Clauser Minnow (which for those of you who don’t know is a rainbow fly and not an actual minnow). The fish was fairly fresh and was caught in calm conditions. It will be Ollie’s only visit this year as he will be supporting his wife Anna, who will be rowing for gold in London in the double skulls.

Jerry Barcoe from South Africahad his first ever salmon off Doolough on Monday. The fish weighed in at 8lbs1oz was relatively fresh and was taken on a toby.

Simon Albertini who took so long to catch his first salmon here is now becoming a seasoned veteran. He also had a fish on Monday off Finlough on a Sunray Shadow. The fish weighed in at 9lbs7ozs and was relatively fresh.

Jerry Barcoe has certainly started salmon fishing in style as he had 2 more yesterday afternoon off Finlough on a Sunray Shadow. The fish weighed in at 4lbs3ozs and 11lbs5ozs and were both relatively fresh. He was aided and abetted by John Somerville.

Digital imageIt looks like we’re going to get some proper seasonal weather over the next few days so this hopefully will put a stir on the fish in the lakes. The river is getting low but there is still plenty of water for fish to run.