Autumn Approaches

DooloughThe first week in September proved to be extremely testing for salmon fishing. There were plenty of fish showing but they were extremely difficult to tempt. We did however manage to land eight fish for the week.

The young German pairing of Maxi Schiedt and Michael Appel accounted for five of these. Maxi had three, two off Fin of 7lbs14ozs and 1lb9ozs and one from the Quarry pool of approx. 3.5lbs. Michael had one off the Turn pool of 4lbs and one off Fin of 9lbs7ozs.

There were also two first evers with Patrick Lachmann from Germany landing a fish of 3lbs5ozs from the Turn and Oliver Widmer from Switzerland landing a fish of 8lbs1oz also from the Turn pool.

To finish the week Mike Shortt had a fish of 3lbs8.5ozs from the Bridge pool on a Cascade.

Second week proved more successful with fifteen fish landed. All bar one of these were accounted for by the Shortt party including Mike himself, Chris Cromey Hawke and Mark Corps. All bar one of the fourteen were from the bridge to the end of the Quarry. On Wednesday last we had a sudden rise in water and five of the fish were caught just as this was happening. This change in weather seemed to make fish slightly more aggressive and therefore more likely to take. Flies were primarily beaded nymphs, Cascades and tubes. The other one was taken by Mark Corps from the Whin pool on a purple tube and was an 8lbs approx. sea liced fish which is fantastic to see this time of the year.

The only other fish landed this week was a first ever for Robert Young from USA on a beaded nymph from the Turn pool.

This week has started in real Autumnal fashion with over half an inch of rain last night and a good September gale blowing today. It looks like this trend may be set in for a few days, which hopefully may stir up the fish, especially on Finlough as they have been rather dour for the past week. So far today Mike Heckler has one fish landed, once again from the Turn pool taken on a Willie Gunn. The fish weighed in at 3lbs10.5ozs.

With the broken Autumnal weather expected to continue I will be expecting great things from our group of experienced anglers this week. No pressure lads and lassy!!