August Report – Very Good Sea Trout

Salmon fishing here at Delphi was difficult in August with a total of thirteen salmon landed for the month. Fishing conditions throughout the month were good with a total of 166.4mms (6.55”) which kept water levels up. Sea trout on the other hand especially in the latter half of the month, with the arrival of the Daddy Long Legs were great sport with a total of 190 landed. The good sea trout numbers happen to coincide with very low lice levels in Killary this year, especially during the critical period.

DL_1492On the salmon front Alexander Mills had the first of the month with a nice grilse of 3lbs9.5ozs off Finlough on a Gary Dog on the 2nd. This was followed in the afternoon when Joe Kelly landed his first Irish salmon, from the Whin Pool of 4lbs3ozs on a Willie Gunn.

Gareth Beattie had a small fish of 2lbs1oz from the Stream on Finlough on the 3rd also on a Willie Gunn. Resident instructor Robert Gillispie had a fish of 2lbs13ozs from the Turn Pool on a Mini Tube on the 6th.

William Beattie had a fish of approx. 4lbs from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn. Urs then found his form and landed six between the 11th and the 18th. The first of these was from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn of 4lbs2ozs. The next came from the Bridge Pool on the 15th of 4lbs14ozs on the Neighbours Cat Nymph. He followed this up with one of 3lbs10ozs on a Black Nymph from the Turn Pool the next day. He had a bit of a bonanza on the 18th with three fish landed. The first was from the Meadow of 3lbs14ozs on a Willie Gunn; the second from the Grilse Pool of approx. 3.5lbs on a Delphi Collie and the third from the Whin of 3lbs14ozs on a Delphi Collie again.

DL_Niall_0858Two more fish were landed for the month with David O’ Flynn from Sligo having one from the Turn on a Cascade of 2lbs14ozs and Hugh Brennan having one of the same weight at the Sluice on Doolough on a Willie Gunn.

Sea trout fishing on the other hand was good. It started relatively slowly, with the exception of Willie Hamilton and Pat O’ Dwyer who had 31 for the week to 2.5lbs, but in the last two weeks of the month it really took off. Brendan Keenan and John McManus had 14 for their week to 2.25lbs. Angus Sutherland’s party had 48 for three days, the best of which was taken by Niall Green on Doolough of approx. 4lbs. Steve Baxter also had one off Finlough of approx. 6.5lbs.

Once again sea trout specialists Tom and Shirley Morrison didn’t disappoint with a total of 50 to 2lbs throughout the system.

The sea trout fishing has continued to be good for the first few days of September and there were also a few salmon lost and Stephen Hegarty had a salmon of 4lbs2ozs from the Stream on Finlough on a Silver Stoat. Hopefully with a bit of autumnal weather whatever salmon are there may become a bit more active.