Another One Bites the Dust

As always when one reaches the end of the season, there is a feeling of mixed emotions. For the first week or two after the end one is left in a kind of limbo land. Anyway enough waffle and more facts implore you all.

Between my last update and the close of play on the 29th we landed 7 salmon. Mike Shortt being on a roll and heading towards his double century had
one of three fish landed on the 25th. It was taken in Fin Stream on a Shrimp fly and weighed in at 3lbs13ozs. Mark Corps had a fish of approx. 2.5lbs from the Quarry pool on a Collie Dog and finally Lenart had one from Fin Stream of approx. 4.5lbs.

On the 26th Mary Miller landed her first ever salmon of approx. 7lbs from the Turn pool on a Red Cascade.

There were another three fish landed before Sunday. On the 27th Mike Shortt had another from Finlough on a Red Shrimp fly of 3lbs13ozs. Ian Carroll had a nice fish of approx. 6lbs from Fin on the 28th and Mark Shields had one of 3lbs8ozs from Fin on an Octopus on the 29th.

Then we had the last day, which is basically a free for all for staff, locals and invited guests. There is also a BBQ thrown in at lunchtime for good measure. A great day was had by all and there were many happy people at the end of the day. There were 21 first ever salmon which included the following; Kevin O’Leary, Anna Watkins, Aisling Lydon, Tara Lydon, Maura Prendergast, Danny Heraty, Dylan Wallace, Lorraine Wallace, Avia Lynn Kane, Patrick Berry, Millicent Marinot, Alice Marinot, Rebecca Middleton, Oisin Moran, Laura Moran, Danny Gibbons, Robert Wallace, Lucy Wallace, Jimmy Heneghan, Micheal Heneghan and Daragh Heneghan. Most of these were children and they were all over the moon to put it mildly.

This brings the season total for salmon to 323, made up of approximately 146 2SW and 177 1SW.

Sea trout for September were quite disappointing with only 94 for the month bringing the season total to 445.

At this stage I will sign off for a few weeks but I will keep all you avid readers updated during those long winter months and of course the Newsletter should be published within a month.

Thanks to all guests, friends and readers throughout the year. D.McEvoy