Angling Report June 2014

Fishing this month basically reflected our weather patterns. We had twenty eight fish for the first two weeks and then eleven for the second two. All rainfall in June 85.2mms (3.35”) bar 13.2mms fell in the first thirteen days. After that we became Costa Del Delphi with air temperatures rising to 24.9 degrees C and water temperatures peaking at 19.7 degrees. This makes salmon angling a little bit difficult to say the least. However I must give credit to the people who were here in those difficult weeks as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and appreciated Delphi and this part of Ireland for what it really is.

Week 23 we managed to land thirteen fish. Husband and wife pairing of Martin and Barbara Ceillier managed to land three of these. All up eleven anglers managed to land fish, which I must say was a very even spread. There were three firsts with Charles Finch (UK), Lukas Steinmann (Germany) and Anabelle Tomes (USA) managing to land their first ever salmon. Others who had a fish each were David Walmsley, Fred Eberle, Bill Middleton, David Rainford and Ian Carroll. Manfred Wolf had two including the fish of the week of approx. 13lbs off Finlough.

Week 24 we landed fifteen fish, the majority of which were Springers, some still fresh run fish. We had no firsts as we had a rather experienced bunch of anglers. Those to land salmon included Chris Cromey Hawke, Chris Dickinson, Mike and Mark Shortt, Jean Howman, David Hewetson Brown, Peter Joyce, Tom Callanan, Sean Moogan, David Duffy and the dynamic duo of John Mills and Alan Dunlop. Biggest fish of the week was David Duffy’s 10lbs fish off Finlough.

Week 25 was beautiful, but not particularly for fishing. We landed three fish with two people landing their first ever salmon. David Hartstein and Jeff Mouttet, both from the USA had sea liced fish from the Turn pool. Margaret Downes also managed to land a sea liced fish of 9lbs.

Considering the conditions the German party in week 26 did rather well, even though there was particular emphasis on the social aspect of the week, which I must say makes our job much easier. They managed to land eight fish with Benni Weltz having four, Martin Nolde two and Sean Dempsey two.

The river is now at minus 5, so fishing this week will be difficult. 39 fish for the month brings our total for the year to 121, which is not bad at all as fishing generally around the country has been slow. Hopefully with a drop of fresh water our Grilse will start running in numbers. D.McEvoy