Angling Report July 2016

Salmon catches this July will certainly not break any records here in Delphi. Despite fairly good water throughout the month with 152.4mms (6 inches) of rainfall spread fairly evenly throughout; our returns were below average, with only twenty nine fish landed for the month.

The first two days of the month finished week 26 and an experienced group of German anglers. They managed to land three in the first two days of the month, the pick of which was Benny Weltz’s beauty of 8lbs9ozs from the Quarry Run on a Cascade.

Week 27 as always is our multinational week with anglers from six different countries. Once again, Italian Giovanni Mazzoleni was top rod with four landed out of our total of nine. Vicky Chandler fishing with Brian Fisher managed to land her first ever salmon, a nice grilse of approx. 4lbs from the Meadow Pool on a Delphi Collie. Other successful rods that week were Jack and Sam Gillispie, Raoul de Waha and Mark Corps.

Week 28 saw excellent water throughout but we only managed to land six fish, with David Allcutt having two, and John Faith, Roger Kenny, Helmut Lechermann having one each. Andrew Norris from Dublin also managed to land his first ever a fish of 2lbs8ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Cascade.

In Week 29 there were four landed, including three by Mike Shortt, two in the Bridge Pool and one in the Meadow, two of which were on a Cascade and one on a beaded nymph. Christopher Jarman also had one from the Quarry Pool on a Red Frances of 4lbs2ozs.

There were six landed in week 30. Christopher Jarman had two, one from Morrisons on a Stoats Tail and one from the Whin of 5lbs2ozs on a Willie Gunn. Bruno Janssens from Belgium landed two including his first ever, a fish of 4lbs5ozs from the Turn Pool on a Mini Tube and another of 2lbs15ozs from the Quarry on a Cascade. Gareth Norris and George Westropp also had one each from Boat Point on Fin and the Quarry Pool respectively.

Gareth Beattie managed to land a cracking fish of 13lbs2ozs on the last day of the month from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn.

Sea trout started brightly with some nice fish being caught and all in excellent condition. Once they settle a bit in the lakes and the Daddy’s start to appear I would expect to see more activity. In total we had seventy five sea trout up to 2.5lbs.

The salmon fishing has been disappointing, but I would still be hopeful that we will see some improvement in the salmon fishing in the next couple of weeks. D.McEvoy