Angling Report April 2016

April was a busy month for fishing here at Delphi with a full quota of anglers throughout the month. Total catch for the month was 31 which is just above the 10 year average, which given the lower than average rainfall 114.8mms or 4.52” was indeed a good return. Temperatures were also quite with highs rarely above 12 or 13 degrees C and grass minimum below 0 on seven days. Winds were more often than not from a North or Easterly direction.

Week 14 was the first full week of the month, but it was really in the latter half of the week that we started to get fish. Heribert had four fish for the week, one off Finlough, taken on a Collie Dog Cone Head of 8lbs8ozs and three off the river. They were taken from the Whin, Rock and New Island Pools and weighed in at approx. 8lbs and 11lbs6ozs and 8lbs2ozs respectively. Peter Morrison also had a fish from the Waterfall of 8lbs11ozs.

Week 15 may as well have been called the O’Reilly-Mills week as they had six of our total of twelve fish. Five of these were off the river and one off Finlough. Peter’s fish weighed in at approx. 5.5, 10, 8 and 8lbs12ozs, while Alexander’s were approx. 6 and 8lbs14ozs. Andrew Lyall, Mary Donovan, Paul Smyth and Martin Ceillier also managed to land fish.

In Week 16 the water dropped off quickly but we still managed to land seven fish in low water and glorious sunshine. Alexander Mills again featured strongly, landing three of the seven, two off Finlough and one off the river. Rob Fanshawe, Billy Marshall and Charlie Clifton had fish off Doolough, while Terry Johnson had one from the Whin Pool.

Week 17, the final week of the month saw seven fish landed also, despite water levels being below 10. Brian Pattinson was top rod with three fish, all off the river, while Heinz had two off the river and Michael Pettigrew and Dominic Cox had one each off Finlough. We had a nice fall of rain on the nights of the 30th and the 1st of May which brought some much needed water to the system. D.McEvoy