Allez la France

Kurt & Nick Roth 8 June 12Fishing has picked up a bit since my last update as we have landed another 7 fish.

Conditions have been difficult, with low water at the beginning of the week and then a deluge yesterday with 73.7mm or almost 3 inches. This finally put the river to 90 which is the first time since February it’s been that high.

Arthur Jardine from Scotland managed to land a fine fish of  approx. 10.5 lbs on Monday afternoon from the Quarry pool. The fish was taken on a Willie Gunn and was an old timer.

On Wednesday Kurt Roth managed to land 2 fresh grilse, one of  approx. 4.5lbs off the Turn pool on a Tummel Shrimp and the second off Finlough on a Laxa Blue of approx 2lbs. All this was done in the presence of his father who is now on his 20th year coming to Delphi.

Congratulations to Thierry Leverrier from France who managed to land his first ever salmon off Doolough. The fish weighed in at 5lbs4ozs and was fresh. His brother Pascal managed to land a brown trout of approx. 2.5lbs on Finlough.

Manfred Wolf managed to land a sea liced fish of approx. 4.5lbs on an Orange shrimp from the Deadman’s before the river started to rise yesterday morning.

Thierry Leverrier First Ever 6 June 2012So far today we have landed 2 fish. John Russell-Wells had one of approx. 7lbs off the Turn pool on a Thunder and Lightening and Kurt Roth had another fish off Finlough of 5lbs15ozs on a Collie Dog.

There were also quite a good number of fresh fish seen and lost this week which is very encouraging for the days to come.

This week was also a very humbling experience for David and Sarah Walmsley who blanked. This was in stark contrast to their haul of 11 fish this time last year.

Congratulations are also due to Deirdre Herbert who on a day trip to the Erriff managed to land her first ever last Monday.

The water is now running at 60 so we should have some nice water for a few days and hopefully plenty of fish also.


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