93 for June

June was an excellent month for angling here at Delphi, with a total of 93 fish landed. Conditions were relatively good throughout, although water levels dropped off towards the end of the month. Total rainfall was 143.8mms (5.66”). Hopefully we will get some water in the next week or so as there seems to be a good head of fish in the system and I’m sure there are more to come.

837EA7DE-7985-4BAB-9A4F-ADFEE481D487Fishing continued to be good since my last update, with fish landed almost every day. There were seven landed on the 17th, three off the river and four off Finlough. Pat O’Dwyer had one of 3lbs14.5ozs off the Meadow Pool on a Collie Dog; Jonathan Durkan also had one from the Meadow of 3lbs8ozs on a Delphi Collie and Luke Drea had one from the Quarry of 3lbs14ozs on a Collie Dog. On Finlough, Alexander Mills had one of 3lbs6ozs on a Silver Wilkinson Shrimp and Philip McGarrity had three, two on a Delphi Collie of 3lbs10ozs and 4lbs7ozs and one of 5lbs15ozs on a Dee Sheep.

We blanked on the 18th and then there was one landed on the 19th, a first ever salmon for Tom Moore from the Rock Pool of approx. 4.5lbs on a Sunrae Shadow. The 20th saw Jonathan Durkan land two more, one from Cooleens of 3lbs2ozs and one from Finlough of 3lbs, both on Delphi Collies. 5B896490-8823-48D8-A554-540D9BCBD797That brought Jonathan’s total to nine fish for four days, which I’m sure will have made his trip home from Australia even more memorable, along with all the socialising of course.

The 21st, Ash Mathews had one of approx. 4.5lbs from Deadmans on a Willie Gunn and Ed Pettigrew landed a fish of 3lbs14ozs in the Road Pool on a Beaded Nymph. Michael Wymes, on his first visit to Delphi this year then stole the limelight when he landed a magnificent fish of 12lbs15ozs from Finlough on a Delphi Collie.DL-5

Week 26 saw the return of a group of very experienced anglers. They managed to land nineteen fish for the week. We had some rain on the Sunday which put the river from 13 to 30, which kept us going most of the week.

As is often the case with this group Yvonne was first off the mark with a fish of 3lbs14ozs from the Rock Pool on a Collie Dog on the 24th. There were seven landed on the 25th, one off the River and six off Finlough. Nico had one of approx. 2.5lbs from the rock Pool on a Collie Dog. The remaining fish, all off Finlough were landed by Werner, DL-44lbs11ozs on a Delphi Collie; Geoff Lucas, 2lbs14.5ozs on a Collie Dog; Fredo, approx. 2.5lbs on a Collie Dog; Thomas Kopp, a first ever of 2lbs7ozs on a Collie Dog and Martin Nolde had two, both of approx. 2.5lbs on Willie Gunn’s.

There were eight landed on the 26th, all off Finlough bar two. Nico had one of 4lbs6ozs from the Meadow on a Silver Stoat and Holger had one from the Whin of 5lbs4ozs on a Collie Dog. On Finlough, Thomas landed three of 3lbs5ozs, 4lbs14ozs and 4lbs15ozs, all on a Willie Gunn. Fredo had one of 3lbs3ozs on a Delphi Collie and father and son team of Martin and Manuel had one each of 3lbs12ozs and 6lbs1oz on a Collie Dog.

945829AF-F4C7-4DA0-A2E5-4C85FECB5D98Mattias had two on the 28th from the Whin Pool of approx. 5lbs and 3lbs6ozs, both on a Collie Dog. Finally, young Luca Mittmann managed to land the only fish of the day on the 29th,of 5lbs6ozs off Finlough on a Willie Gunn. At the moment our water has dropped to 5, which makes fishing difficult. Rain would be most welcome here in the next few days as there are plenty of fish about. D.McEvoy

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