500 surpassed

The big news is that we did break the 500, although it wasn’t until the 30th and as most people know any method of rod and line goes. There are some fish to report before the 30th. We actually landed 4 on Thursday. Mark Corps had two, one off the Turn Pool of 7lbs8ozs on a Prawn Fly and one off Finlough of 4lbs13ozs on a Flamethrower. Jeremy Nieboer had one off Finlough of 4lbs3.5ozs on a Collie Dog and finally Stephane Lamotte from France landed his first ever, a fish of 5lbs8ozs on a baeded nymph.

On the 30th we ended up with 49 fish all of which were caught on other methods. The most important element of this day is that it’s a fun day out for staff and locals. This it turned out to be and we had a great day with a lovely bbq for lunch.
Its always great to see people catching fish that normally don’t get a chance. As usual there were quite a few first evers including;
Blain McNally, Killeen, 3lbs13.5ozs
Maura Prendergast, Louisburgh, 4lbs12ozs
Kevin Gibbons, Louisburgh, 6lbs7ozs
Grace Wade also had the last fish of the season and her second ever of 6lbs6ozs.
I must mention Paul Wymes who aided and abetted 10 people to catch salmon who normally wouldn’t get the chance. This gesture made for a lot of happy people.

September total ended up at 53 salmon landed plus 49 on the last day which makes total of 102.
Sea trout have not all been totalled yet but again it will be well down on last year and the previous.

This brings total salmon landed for year to 528.
More details will follow on the breakdown of these numbers in the next couple of weeks.

I would also like to say Thank you to everybody who made this season such a good one. Hopefully we will have many more in the future.