49 To Date

N. Tonge 21 April 2012Since my last update we have landed 3 fish. We have had good water conditions but the wind has been predominantly northerly.

Jimmy Keogh landed a 7lbs12ozs fish on Friday afternoon off Finlough on a Cascade.

Niall Tonge was in the limelight on Saturday landing 2 fish. He had a lovely fish of approx. 8lbs off the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn in the morning and he managed to land another off Finlough in the afternoon of 9lbs6ozs on a Collie Dog.

For the week we ended up with 13 fish which given the conditions was quite good.

On a more humorous note a number of anglers pointed out to me that Laurence Lock who normally appears on this blog for catching fish actually spent 4 days with us, rose and hooked numerous fish but managed to land none. Needless to say they said that I should highlight this fact.

I must also thank all of you who wrote to Minister Fergus O’Dowd concerning the proposed extension to the draft net season because there was a press release from his office on the 27th March 2012 and part if it read as follows:

“Minister for Natural Resources, Fergus O’Dowd, has confirmed that there is no proposal for the extension of the salmon draft netting season.”

“Recent reports that the commercial season will be extended in certain rivers are untrue and I can confirm that for the 2012 season, the commercial fishing season remains as it was in all areas.”

So that is some good news on the angling front. Thank you again to those of you who took the time to write.