4 More to Book


Arne & Hasse 18 March 002With the improved water levels, fishing has improved dramatically since my last update and it looks like Hasse Dehlin’s Swedish team have timed their visit to perfection.

As of lunchtime today they have landed 4 and met and lost quite a few more. Fish are also being seen on a regular basis. Anglers have done extremely well, despite excellent water conditions the temperatures both water and air are well below normal.

We drew a blank on Sunday primarily because the water was rising steadily due to extremely heavy showers and for the first time in over a month the river was at 60.

Yesterday however was a different story with Hasse Dehlin showing why he is the leader of the pack by landing a fine sea liced fish of approx. 11lbs from the Rock pool on a Collie Dog. There were also 4 lost in the morning.

In the afternoon Arne Forsgren then landed our first off Finlough for the year a sea liced fish of 8lbs on a Collie Dog.

Simon Calcutt 19 March 002So far today we have 2 with Simon Calcutt landing a sea liced fish of 8lbs 1ozs from the Kings pool on a Collie Dog. Then Hasse Dehlin’s son Thomas landed a fish of approx. 13.5lbs on a Collie Dog in the Holly pool.


The water will drop off over the next day or two but in my opinion this will suit the fishing with the water temperatures being as low as they are. There is more rain forecast on Thursday night which should top everything up again nicely.

Hopefully I will have lots more fishy stories in the next couple of days. D.McEvoy