36 for August and September Rolls On

We ended up with thirty six fish for August here at Delphi which wasn’t too bad, but we would have hoped for better given the number of fish in the system and conditions that were for the most part favourable for salmon fishing. There was plenty of water with rainfall amounting to 221.7mms (8.72”), which meant that during the course of the month water levels varied from 70 to 20 on the gauge.

The highlight of the first few days of August or the end of week 31 was without doubt the husband and wife team of Warren and Susan Osako who had three fish between them on the 1st, including a fine fish landed by Susan of 8lbs5ozs from the Turn Pool on a Willie Gunn. Joe Kelly and William Beattie also had a fish each from the Whin Pool.

DL_1471In Week 32 the lions share of the catch fell to Urs and the Beattie’s, accounting for nine of our total of eleven for the week. Others to land fish were John Coulter and a first ever for Michael Hanewinkel from Germany. Week 33 was quieter with only seven landed. Urs had three of these, while Dioni Roberts and Danny McLaughlin had one each. Husband and wife teams are doing well, with Michael Hanewinkel landing another and his wife Katarina also landing her first ever salmon of 4lbs3ozs on a Black nymph in the Turn Pool. Week 34 will have to be renamed the Brennan week as the family accounted for all of the seven fish landed in the week. Hugh landed five, while his daughter Ciara and son in law Kieran Doyle each managed their first ever salmon. Both fish were taken on Delphi Collie’s from Sligo Bay on Finlough, with Ciara’s weighing in at 6lbs7ozs and Kieran’s at 4lbs2ozs.

The remaining few days of the month saw another five fish landed. Aaron McKinney landed his first ever salmon on the 27th, of 3lbs4ozs from Finlough on a Collie Dog. Dan Duffy had a fish on the 30th of 3lbs4ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Willie Gunn and Bill Johnson had one of 3lbs1oz the following day from Cooleens on a Collie Dog. There were two more on the 31st, with Kim Andersen landing a fine fish from Quarry of 8lbs2ozs on a Delphi Collie and Rupert Overbury having one off Fin of 6lbs6ozs on a Curry’s Red Shrimp, which brought our total for the month to thirty six.

As is usual in September we saw a return to more autumnal weather with depressions rolling in from the Atlantic. We even had a few days where Doolough was unfishable, which hasn’t happened for some time. Peter Eaton was first, off the mark in September with a fish of 3lbs2ozs on an Allie Shrimp from the shore of Doolough on the 2nd. He followed this up the following day with one of 2lbs9.5ozs from the Whin again on an Allie Shrimp. Yvonne had one on the 4th, again from the Whin of 3lbs1oz on a Collie Dog. There were two first ever salmon on the 6th, with Lowri Anne Robinson having her first ever of 2lbs from the Grilse Pool on a Cascade and Maurice Lee from England having his first ever of approx. 3lbs from the Whin on an Allie Shrimp.

Week 37 saw the return of a long standing regular group and as per usual it was the Shortt/Corps party that accounted for most of the fish. They had 14 of the 17 landed, with Mark having ten, Mike two, Andrew one and Jonty one. They were all from the river and Fin with Andrew Stanistreet landing the biggest of approx. 6lbs. There were three other fish landed. Eric Engeli had a nice grilse of 5lbs2ozs from the Whin Pool. Philip Janaway had a fish of 2lbs5.5ozs from the Grilse and Somerset Moore had one from Doolough of 2lbs12ozs.

As we now head into the last two weeks of the season it is definitely becoming much cooler and the nights are drawing in. One would nearly start thinking about the 1st of February again already. Hopefully we will have a few more fish before the season ends. D.McEvoy