21 for March

As always with Atlantic Salmon Fishing, the weather plays a huge part and for the last ten days now it has been nothing short of spectacular, not ideal for fishing but great to be out, alive and kicking. As we are what can be classified as a small semi spate system; in other words, our water will hold up for a while due to the lakes on the system, however when we get a protracted spell (15 days now with 0.0) the water tends to recede quite quickly, and the river is now running at 10. Having said all that we have managed to land 20 fish since my last update, which would bring the total for the month to 21, which is 5 above our 10-year average.

Conditions were excellent in week 10 and we managed to land 7 fish. Rudi Groener started the ball rolling with a 6lbs fish on the 8th from the Whin Pool on a Delphi Collie. Werner and Yvonne had one each on the 10th from the Horseshoe and Rock respectively, both weighing in at 9lbs and both on a Nightstar. There were four on the 11th, Yvonne having two, one from the Horseshoe of 7lbs1oz and one from the Rock Pool of approx. 7lbs, both on a Nightstar. Rudi had another fish from the Horseshoe of 8lbs7ozs on a Willie Gunn and Mattias had a fish from the Whin Pool of 6lbs, on a Cascade Cone Head.

Week 11 saw a mixture of Irish visitors and some English anglers we hadn’t seen since 2019, due to Covid, so a sense of normality seems to be returning. Alan Molloy got his season off to a flyer on the 14th, landing a 7lbs6ozs fish in Morrisons only an hour after starting. Water was at 75 and the fish was taken on a Tosh copper tube. Terry Bradley landed the first fish off Finlough on the 15th of 7lbs11ozs on a Collie Dog. Brendan Wilson and Kevin Crawley had a fish each from the Goat and the Dynamite respectively on a Green Highlander Variant and a Cascade; the fish weighing approx. 8 and 8lbs8ozs.

Simon Albertini and Mark Weeks had a great Paddy’s Day morning, having a fish each, both from the Waterfall of 9lbs6ozs and 12lbs6ozs on a Cascade and an Allie Shrimp. Week 12 saw the arrival of a Swedish team headed by Hasse Dehlin. They had some truly stunning weather and they also managed to land five fish. Thomas Dehlin, Hasse Dehlin, Karl Erik Nielsen and Hakan Elfstrom all had fish off Finlough, weighing in at 11lbs1oz, 10lbs1oz, 8lbs8ozs and 9lbs8ozs, two on a Non-Descript, and one each on a Black and Red and a Night Star. Petri Jarventaustta had one of approx. 7lbs from the Kings Pool on a Black and Red.

This week saw the return of a long-standing group from Bavaria. It was absolutely stunning from a weather perspective to begin, with clear blue skies and highs of 18 degrees. Our water temperature even hit 10.6 which I’m fairly sure is a record for March and water levels are receding rapidly.

Temperatures, then dropped dramatically from Wednesday night on, not your ideal salmon fishing conditions, but its ay times like these we get to appreciate the beauty of the place and the company we keep whilst fishing. Benny Weltz, however, managed to land a fish of 9lbs8ozs from the Waterfall on a Non Descript on the 29th and Werner had one of approx. 7lbs on the 31st from the Whin on a Delphi Collie, which brought our total for the month to 21 and the year to date 31.

On a more sombre note, I would like to offer our condolences to the Keogh family on the passing of Jimmy, who with his family have been regular visitors to the Leenane area for many years. Jimmy would be an ideal character for the book “Great Days with Rod and Gun” or Maxwell’s “Wild Sports of the West”.  Jimmy has landed a fish or two (slight under-exaggeration) from the Erriff and Delphi over the years. It was always a pleasure to be in his company and he will be sadly missed. May he  Rest in Peace. D.McEvoy

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