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Cox Raises the Bar

DSCN1013While the fishing this week has been difficult, with the water tapering off and bright conditions most of the time; there were a few fish seen and risen but it was Dominic Cox who was definitely the star of the week.

On Wednesday morning Dominic and his fishing partner Brian Pattinson were on Finlough when Dominic hooked a magnificent fish at Butler’s Point on a Cascade. A great battle then ensued and after 40 minutes a magnificent sea liced fish of 17lbs1oz was brought to the net.

Needless to say Dominic was still in that knee and hand trembling state of shock when he arrived in at the pier at lunch time. It’s great to see experienced anglers in such a state after landing a salmon.

Just as I was waxing lyrical about Dominic’s fish the old Maestro himself John Mills landed a lovely sea liced fish of 9lbs4ozs off the Boat Point on Finlough. For any of you who know John I wouldn’t give you any marks for guessing what the fish was taken on, a Willie Gunn of course!! John was ably assisted by his brother in law William Beattie who was acting boatman for the session. They also said they saw a number of fresh fish in the lake which hopefully is a sign of good things to come.

With a bit of luck we might be in for a repeat of 2003 with 91 fish in May. Fingers crossed you’d never DSCN1016know!! D.McEvoy















Two Crackers on the 9th

Victoria_LoveFishing has picked up here at Delphi in the last week with four fish landed. There were also a few fish lost and a few more seen. Having said that considering the conditions one would have expected more but the fish we got were beauties.

Andrew Lyall had the first fish of the week on Tuesday. It was a sea liced fish Andrew_Lialloff Finlough of 7lbs9ozs, taken on a Collie Dog. The fish was taken in Gough’s bay. Needless to say Andrew was well pleased to hold onto the fish this year unlike last year when he lost a fish during a very difficult week with low water and bright sunshine.

On Wednesday the 9th we had two cracking fish. The first was taken by Victoria Love off the Sunk Rock on Doolough. The fish weighed in at 13lbs and great celebrations followed. Victoria rightly thought it would be hard to better that fish but I’m afraid Cian Murtagh had other ideas when he landed a beauty of 13lbs15ozs from Duck Run on a Willie Gunn under the watchful eye of Peter O’Reilly.

Just when I thought the week was done, Andrew Lyall had his second of the week from Finlough this afternoon. The fish weighed in at 9lbs12ozs and was taken on a Collie Dog.

With water levels holding up nicely, hopefully the trend of the last few days will continue and we will see some more fish recorded.



Angling Report March 2014

March this year has been a disappointing month for salmon fishing, considering the conditions. For the most part conditions were excellent and one was expecting to see lots of fish appearing in the system. It appears to be a similar story for many fisheries this month, with fishing slow to get going.

On a more positive note the size of the fish was above average with some crackers recorded. We landed thirteen fish in total and they were fairly evenly spread throughout the month.

In week 10 a regular German party had three fish, one off Fin taken on a Collie Dog and two off the river on a Black and Yellow and a Sunrae conehead, weighing in at 10lbs, 8lbs4ozs and 8lbs7ozs respectively.

Week 11 saw four fish landed. Joe Hosey had a fine fish of 11lbs5ozs on a Collie Dog off Fin. Jacob Tax and Bernd Bieber had two in a morning off Doo on a weighted Willie Gunn of 9 and 7lbs approx. Bernd Bieber had another off Fin of approx. 8lbs on a Collie Dog.

Week 12 saw a Swedish group land three fish. Kenneth Nordia had a small fish of approx. 5lbs off Fin on a non descript. Lias Engbert had a beauty off Fin on a Breakfast fly weighing in at 11lbs15ozs only to be out done later in the week when Jan Ronnlund had one of 11lbs15.5ozs from the Deadman’s again on a Breakfast fly.

In week 13 we had three. A regular German visitor had a small fish of 5lbs4ozs from the King’s pool on a Black and Yellow. Hasse Dehlin from Sweden had one of approx. 12lbs on a Collie Dog off Finlough and finally Lucia Misurova landed her first ever salmon, a fine fish of 10lbs12ozs taken on a Collie Dog off Finlough.

The first week in April has been quiet so far but things have picked up a bit generally in the last couple of days. There were fish seen on Killary yesterday and since then we have had quite a bit of activity with a fish risen yesterday evening, one seen this morning and Steve Jones rose one in the Rock pool and the Waterfall and also lost a double figure fish that he played for 5 minutes. Hopefully this increase in activity will continue over the next while.





Delphi Events Calendar April

Delphi Events Calendar – What’s on in April

Spring is officially here at Delphi Lodge with lambs-a-leaping and a warm blanket of sunny daffodils covering our grounds. If you’re planning your trip to the West here’s the calendar of local events and festivals in Galway, Connemara and Southwest Mayo. From walking festivals, cultural events and markets to Easter Egg Hunts and hilarious plays, it’s the place to celebrate and enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar April 2014.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Lucia Bags First Ever

Delphi_6754Week 13 was a bit of a United Nations week with anglers from numerous different countries.

Conditions for most of the week were excellent with good water levels for the most part. The fish I’m afraid were not really as cooperative, but we did manage three and there were a few lost also.

Our first fish of the week was taken by Hasse Dehlin from Sweden off Finlough on the 26th. It was a beautiful sea liced fish of approx. 12lbs taken on a Collie Dog.

Our second fish of the week was taken off the river on the 27th from the Kings pool on a Black and Yellow tube and weighed in at 5lbs4ozs which contrasts slightly to most of the fish caught so far.

Then later on the 27th Lucia Misurova had her first ever, a fish of 10lbs12ozs taken off Finlough on a Collie Dog.

The rest of the week saw a couple of fish lost and two risen which given the good conditions was a little disappointing. I think that reports from around the country are that the salmon fishing is generally slow. But one always lives in hope and as one of our long standing customers always says “You’d never know the minute”.

We have a full crew of twelve anglers this week and water levels are still excellent. There are also Spring tides, so hopefully we’ll see a surge of fish up the river. Needless to say if anything happens you’ll hear from me.



Swedes Finish On A High

Jan_Ronnlund_11lbs15ozs_24032014Since my last update our Swedish party finished out their week in fine style with Jan Ronnlund eclipsing Lisa Engbert’s fish by half an ounce.

Jan landed his fish from the Deadman’s in bitterly cold weather with the river at 45 and rising, as we had a good belt of rain the previous night. The fish weighed in at 11lbs15.5ozs, was sea liced and was again taken on a Breakfast fly.

The lake fishers that day only managed to last a short time as it was so cold, it made lake fishing almost unbearable.

The river was in good order on Saturday but again it was bitterly cold with showers of hail. Yesterday conditions were good and Randy Yetmann lost a cracker of a fish in the Rock that decided to leave the pool and in doing so they parted company.

There was another good belt of rain last night and the river is now at 60 with a strong SE gale which makes casting difficult. So far today we have nothing but with the weather calming down a little it bodes well for this afternoon and indeed the remainder of the week for what is a very multinational team with anglers from Germany, Sweden and the US.

Hopefully I’ll have plenty to report in a couple of days. D.McEvoy



Lisa Shows The Boys How To Fish

Lisa Engbert 18032014This week we have a highly motivated and skilled Swedish team led by Hasse Dehlin. They are all experts in catching big salmon in Norway. This skill and expertise which the men claim to have, has so far been almost fruitless with one exception.

Kenneth Nordia had small fish of approx. 5lbs yesterday from Wrens Point off Finlough. The fish was taken on a non descript.

It was however Lisa Engbert who showed all the boys how to do it today when she landed a beautiful 11lbs15ozs fresh fish off Finlough. The fish was taken on a Breakfast fly, never heard of it before but it’s basically a black and orange tube. Lisa it must be said had an excellent ghillie in her husband Nils. Lisa is therefore well in the lead on the score sheet as we speak.

The river is still holding at 25 and we are supposed to get a belt of rain tomorrow night which would give the boys a chance to claw some ground back on Lisa.

On a totally different issue we also have a cottage and 2 rods available for week 23, i.e. 31st May to 7th June which can be an excellent week. If there is anybody interested in this, please contact the Carole or Anne in the office on 095 42222. D.McEvoy



Five In A Row

Joe_Hosey_11lbs5ozs_FinBelieve it or not the above heading refers to the last five days without rainfall, which is the first time since the beginning of October that we have experienced such a spell of fine weather. It is rather unusual and a welcome respite to see blue skies for a few consecutive days.

It may not suit all the anglers but everyone enjoyed themselves and we added four more fish to our tally. The first was taken on Monday by Joe Hosey who travelled from Abbeyleix for the day. The fish was taken off Fin on a Collie Dog and weighed in at 11lbs5ozs. There was a very light breeze at the time which in the early part of the year allows one to fish the lies more carefully.

The second and third fish were taken off Doolough by two of a group of enthusiastic German anglers. The fish were approx. 9 and 7lbs and were taken by Jacob Tax and Bernd Bieber respectively. Both fish were landed at the Sunk Rock on a Willie Gunn copper tube.

Our fourth fish was also taken by Bernd Bieber at Butler’s Point on Finlough on a Collie Dog weighed in at approx. 8lbs and there was a light southerly breeze at the time.

Today we have some seriously good anglers here but as of yet the bright sunshine and low water are getting the better of them. It looks like we may get a pulse of rain on Wednesday which should bode well for a Swedish group that arrive today. D.McEvoy



The Monsoon Ends and the Fish Start to Play

imageThe first week in March has been altogether a different kettle of fish (sorry, excuse the pun) than the last three months. We actually even saw blue skies from time to time. It was a much better fishing week with the water at one stage falling to 48. We even got some warmer temperatures, both air and water.

We have had some seriously experienced Bavarian anglers here this week and it must be said that they fished hard all week and were duly rewarded for their efforts in landing three fish so far.

The first was a fish of approx. 10lbs taken off Finlough on a Collie Dog on Tuesday. This fish again like the previous off Fin had been in a month or so. The second, again on Tuesday came off the Waterfall pool weighed in at 8lbs4ozs, was dead fresh and was taken on a Black and Yellow tube.

The third was taken on Thursday, a sea liced fish of 8lbs7ozs from the Horseshoe pool on a Sunrae conehead. This fish was taken while the river was rising as we had quite a lot of rain yesterday.

Friday morning the river was at 65 and dropped steadily during the day. We got another belt of rain yesterday 11.5mms to be exact, which brought the river to just under 70. Today we have lovely conditions which hopefully will continue for the most part of the week. With this in mind I’ll be expecting to have plenty to report during the week.




Delphi Events Calendar March 2014

Delphi Events Calendar – What’s on in March

March not only starts off the official Delphi Lodge season, it’s also a time when the West springs into life again with a new and diverse calendar of events and festivals in Galway, Connemara and Southwest Mayo. Check out the walking festivals, regattas, pony shows and of course all the shenanigans planned for St. Patrick’s Day.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar March 2014.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.