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Blast and Cast

Well we’re nearing that time of the year again when those of us who have a passion for both shooting and fishing are coming to the end of our shooting season and getting ready to activate those casting muscles which for most of us have now been redundant for a couple of months. Saturday will see the end of the shooting season and Sunday will herald the start of the 2015 salmon fishing season.

As my heading suggests we have an enthusiastic group of Bavarians who are going to finish off the shooting season here and try their luck on the 1st for a fresh Springer. Hopefully they may be lucky on the fishing front as it would be fantastic to open the season with a fresh fish.

February is not for the faint hearted but personally I love it as there is something special about getting on the water again, always anticipating and hoping for that long slow draw on the line that one would normally associate with a springer as opposed to the aggressive take of a kelt and then it normally comes to the surface and you know it’s not the real thing. For me early spring fishing is about peace and tranquillity and feeling good to be alive and out on the water again. Having said that I’m sure that many people must think that salmon fishermen are off their heads to be fishing in what sometimes can only be described as vile weather conditions.

We have a good amount of availability in February for those of you who need to get their fix of getting out on the water again, so please feel free to contact us and we’ll keep you updated on our progress.

For ourselves here January is a very busy time as quite a lot of things come together. Shooting has been busy, but most time is taken up in the hatchery, tagging and fin clipping our smolts and then eggs start to eye up and reach the stage where they must be shocked and counted. It can be a slow, cold and painstaking job but one that has to be done!

Well I better get back to my eggs and hopefully see or hear from you all shortly! D.McEvoy


Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

SONY DSCWell we have now passed the shortest day of the year, although it certainly doesn’t seem like it around here in the mornings. This morning at 9am I had to use a torch to see the temperature gauges in the weather station, (of course it’s nothing to do with my deteriorating eyesight!!)

As usual since my last blog we have been flat out here with Winter work, predominantly netting, stripping (fish that is) and a couple of shoots thrown in for good measure. The netting was actually more successful than expected as we caught up more than 650 fish. There were some crackers but again no 20 pounders, so we’ll have to wait for another year.

Sea trout spawning was quite good but as per usual this followed the weather patterns. There was little or no spawning till the end of November as the month up until the last few days was relatively dry. There was some rain before the 15th but it’s nearly always after that that sea trout start to spawn. Once they started towards the end of November spawning activity has continued at a steady paces, with plenty of mild soft days, especially in the last two weeks. Sea trout at this stage are all but finished but the salmon who start later will continue for another week or two. Some years they will go well into January especially in the tributaries such as the Glenummera which is rather water dependent.

Our shoots were also successful with the guests thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to see the elusive woodcock and getting a chance to bag one or two, although we get more mileage out of it when they miss! The two shoots ran back to back, so we had six days straight after which both men and dogs were rather like a spawning fish i.e. spent and drained of all energy. It gave me a great satisfaction when one of our beaters who has done the Tour of Ireland cycle race a couple of times even admitted to being tired.

I’m sure now it won’t be long before a few fresh fish start to sneak into the system and in just over five weeks we’ll be trying our luck for one of those elusive fresh one’s again. You’ll all have to start thinking about flies and tactics again shortly, even though I’m sure some of you already have.

At this stage I would like to thank you all for your support during 2014 and wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year from all at Delphi Estate and Fishery. Here’s looking forward to 2015!



Delphi Annual Fishery Newsletter 2014

We are pleased to announce to publication of our annual fishery newsletter for 2014 which we hope you will enjoy. We are now looking forward to the 2015 fishing season and with this in mind, we now welcome enquiries for the 2015 fishing season.

The 2015 rates for fishing packages are as follows:
7 night’s (full board) & 6 days fishing €2,295 to €2,610
4 night’s (full board) & 3 days fishing €1,245 to €1,465
3 nights (full board) & 2 days fishing €895 to €1,030
Extra Fishing per day €135
Guides (normally shared between 2 anglers) €100

*Includes 7 night’s accommodation (Sat. to Sat.), all meals, and 6 days fishing (Sun. to Fri. inc.). The only extras are wine, drinks from the honesty bar & state salmon licence, if required.

You may ‘lock in’ fishing bookings now with a 10% deposit, followed by a further 40% at the end of January 2015. Demand is already high, particularly for the Spring, therefore please do let us have your preferred dates as soon as possible, and we will do our very best to find you a suitable slot. Reservations can be made using our on-line reservation form:  www.delphilodge.ie/fishery/reservations/reservations

We look forward to hopefully seeing you all next season!

Delphi Fishery Newsletter 2014

Delphi Fishery News 2014


Delphi Events Calendar Dec 2014

Are those sleigh bells in the air? No avoiding it now, with the Christmas Market already in full swing in Galway, and Fairs to follow in Westport and Louisburgh, we’re swathed in festive cheer here at Delphi Lodge. If you’re planning on spending some of this wonderful coming month in the area here’s what else is going in Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo.
Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very special Christmas and much happiness in 2015 from all here at Delphi Lodge. Nollag shona daoibh go léir!

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar December 2014.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.











Delphi Events Calendar Nov 2014

November’s here and we’re asking, where has the year gone? Still plenty to do in the Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo region though with everything from Arts and Science Festivals to adventure sports such as Turf Warrior in Leenane and Sea2Summit in and around Westport. Towards the end of the month you’ll notice things starting to get a little festive…

Here’s what’s going on in the region in the coming month.
Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar November 2014.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning

the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.











Another Fishing Season Slips By

DSCN1173Well it’s that time of year again when salmon anglers pack up their gear for the Winter and we are all in a bit of a trance and wonder where the fishing season went. The 2014 salmon angling season was by and large disappointing for most salmon anglers. Reports from around the country are for the most part the same with rod catches down on previous years. Needless to say there will be many theories thrown about as to why the figures were down, but marine survival seems to rank high on the agenda.

Since my last update on the 21st of September we landed 19 salmon. Water levels remained extremely low making angling difficult. On our last full week of fishing the Shortt party landed five fish, three from the Turn pool, one from Morrison’s and one from the Road pool. All were landed on beaded nymphs.

We got a little rise in water on the 25th and Jonathan Powell managed to land a 10lbs fish from the Turn pool on an Ally shrimp.

I should also mention that Brian Gottorp Jeppesen managed to hold onto the prize for the largest salmon and win the trophy of the Sir.Henry Club from Denmark which was presented to him on the 22nd just before their departure.

The 30th of September was relatively quiet compared to recent years, but personally I had expected this, especially after the long dry spell we experienced and fish being particularly dour. We did however manage to land thirteen fish. Seven of these were off Finlough, two off Deadman’s, and one each from Bridge, Turn, Quarry and Whin.

That brought our total for the month of September to 53, which considering conditions was actually quite good. Weather for the most part was extremely dry and calm. Believe it or not the first 21 days in September saw absolutely no rain at all. Total rainfall for the month finished at 34.6mms (1.36”). This is actually our driest month on record here since February 1986 when a total of 10 mms fell. By Monday the 22nd the rock in the middle of the Grilse pool was actually out of the water, which is only the second time in 23 years I have witnessed this. The previous time was at the end of June 2010 following three months of relatively dry weather.

53 for September brought our total salmon catch for the year to 257, the details of which will all be explained in detail in our annual newsletter.

On a more positive note sea trout catches were our best since 2010. When one includes the September catch of 199 our total for 2014 was 591. Again it must be noted that the majority were in the ¾ to 1lb bracket, but hopefully this bodes well for both salmon and sea trout next year.

On a totally different note I must also say congratulations to Laurence Joyce who got married to Claire Heraty yesterday. (I should add that Paddy Heneghan would have said they were churched yesterday). May they experience many years of happiness together. For those of you who don’t know, Laurence is the man who for the past 16 or 17 years has done all the hard work in the hatchery producing our smolts which have provided many of you with countless hours of enjoyment and frustration on their return to Delphi.

Finally I would like to thank all our customers, staff and friends at the end of the 2014 fishing season for their support during the year. Don’t worry I will update you through the closed season on our progress during the winter months and of course to remind you of the beauty of this little gem called Delphi.



Delphi Events Calendar October 2014

Delphi Valley is the perfect place to witness the change in seasons and at Delphi Lodge we provide a wonderful setting in which to truly immerse yourself in nature. Our guests have been enjoying a complimentary climate upgrade which may well last through the month (give or take the odd dramatic interlude). more


Delphi Lodge Early Autumn Special

B70_1607Farm to Fork and Shore to Table, Meet our Food Suppliers

Stay and dine at Delphi Lodge on the weekend of the 17th & 18th October and enjoy a day trip along the Killary Fjord where we will meet some of our local food suppliers.

Tom Nee, a traditional hill sheep farmer, will explain all that is involved in producing Connemara hill lamb in these dramatic mountains on the edge of the Atlantic. He will demonstrate gathering sheep with his collie dogs and will also show the cutting and saving of turf on his family bog.

A short walk further along the Fjord will bring us to shellfish farmers, Simon & Kate Kennedy, of Killary Fjord Shellfish.

B70_1489Simon will explain and show all involved in producing mussels and preparing clams & oysters for market. While with the Kennedys, there will be a complimentary light lunch, comprising of fresh Oysters, Irish Cheese Board and our very best Delphi white wine.

This area is along the historic Famine Road on the south shore of the Killary Fjord and after lunch there will be the opportunity to enjoy a guided scenic walk along the route to better understand the famine history of this region.

Later on, back at Delphi Lodge, we will be joined by Alan Gilligan of Gilligan Meats. A Traditional Beef Farming Family from Roscommon who, mindful of the stress of transportation for livestock, have taken their business a step further and B70_1505now provide a complete ‘grass to table’ service. Alan now supplies many of Ireland’s premier restaurants including Delphi Lodge.

Before dinner and over a few drinks Alan will give a short presentation on how the Gilligan Farming method ensures that only premier meat products are produced.

Dinner will be hosted by our Manager Michael Wade and our Head Chef Pascal Marinot will compose the menu around the ingredients available from the suppliers you will meet. You will get to taste first-hand the freshness & quality of their produce.

B70_1521Two nights Bed & Breakfast with Dinner each evening at €295 per person sharing, including complimentary guided day out on the Saturday with seafood and cheese lunch along the fjord.

















































Thirty Caught Despite Drought Conditions

DSCN1163Despite truly incredible weather, salmon fishing has been steady with thirty fish landed since my last update. By truly incredible weather I mean our rainfall gauge has registered 0.0mms since the 1st of September. If this continues for the remainder of the month, we may even have less rainfall than February 1986 when it was only 10mms.

Winds for the most part have been relatively light and from an Easterly direction. It’s certainly a far cry from the Atlantic depressions that normally roll in, with heavy rainfall and gales.

Roger and Carol Corry who are regular Winter visitors to Delphi who were touring Ireland for a week dropped by in their 86 year old Logonda hadn’t even put the hood up which it must be said is pretty amazing for Ireland in DSCN1160September.

In week 37 we had eleven fish all accounted for by the Shortt party, including Mike Shortt, Chris Cromey Hawke, Mark Corps and Myles Kelly. Eight of these came from the Turn, two from the Whin and one from the Road pool. Nine were on beaded nymphs, one on a Mini Tube and one on a Collie Dog. Mark Corps had the biggest of 12lbs4ozs

Most of the other anglers that week concentrated on trout fishing and the Moore and Gregory party were delighted to have 60 sea trout between them.

In week 38 we had some long standing Delphi regulars, Jack Browne, the Westropp boys, Mike Heckler, the Bannon party and Maggie and Paul Sims. It was however Barbara Ceillier who started the week on a high note in landing a salmon at Cross Point on Doolough DSCN1162of approx. 6lbs on a Dry Daddy. Jack Browne landed our first salmon off Glencullin since 2007, a fish of approx. 5lbs on a Stoats Tail. He followed this up on Thursday with a fish off Doolough of 5lbs8ozs, also on a Stoats Tail. Paul Sims managed to take two from Finlough of 4lbs and 8lbs12ozs, both on Connemara Blacks. Joe Senders had a lovely fish of approx. 9lbs off Doolough on a Stoats Tail. Finally Patrick Bannon had his first ever salmon, a relatively fresh fish of 2lbs13ozs from the Whin Pool on a Frances. Edward Westropp followed this up on Friday with a fish of 5lbs on a Connemara Black off Finlough.

Sea trout fishing was a bit slower but we landed 67 for the week, up to 2lbs. This was primarily due to the efforts of Paul and Maggie Sims, Neale and Caron Moss and Mike Heckler and Mel Parrot.

photoThen we welcomed the Sir Henry Club from Denmark to Delphi for the first time. The group comprised of Thor, Frederik, Peter and Henrik Larsen; Martin and Ben Kay, Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, Stefan Richter, Malte Petersen and Peter Kutzner. The social aspect of their visit is very important, but they have collectively landed ten salmon, nine off the river and one off Finlough. Brian Gottorp Jeppesen holds the prize so far for the largest salmon of the group of 8lbs2ozs taken from the Turn pool on a beaded nymph.

So far today one fish has been landed by Mark Corps from the Turn pool of 4lbs2ozs on a beaded nymph. Having said that the weather here is absolutely stunning today. Hopefully we may see a change this week or we may be setting a new rainfall record. I may even see the rock in the Grilse pool out of the water for the second time in 23 years. The one in the Quarry pool is already out! D.McEvoy

DSCN1155Lagonda at Delphi - Roger & Carol Corry



























The Last Cast

P1070647The weather here in Delphi has been absolutely stunning since my last update, with no rain and relatively calm conditions. It has been far from ideal for salmon angling, with fish becoming increasingly hard to tempt. Those who persisted with salmon were duly rewarded and we’ve had four in the interim. Many of our guests preferred to concentrate on sea trout and there were some nice trout landed.

Chris Barry from Sydney who does a lot of trout fishing in New Zealand managed to land three of these four salmon. The first was on the 3rd of September on what we could call a New Zealand Collie Dog. The fish was taken from the Quarry pool and weighed in at 4lbs4ozs. He had two on the 4th, the first again from the Quarry, again on a New Zealand Collie Dog and weighing in at 5lbs and the second from the Deadmans on a Minkie Collie Dog weighing in at 5lbs2ozs.

Peter Eaton from London landed our fourth salmon. This came from the Turn pool just as he was finishing up his week. The fish was taken on a Nymph and weighed in at 3lbs4ozs.

Again with the weather sea trout fishing was difficult but any day we get enough wind we got fish. With relatively little fishing effort we landed thirty four sea trout for the week, the biggest of these a fish of approx. 3lbs landed by David Rainford on Doolough.

At the moment we are still experiencing some beautiful Autumnal weather which for the West of Ireland at this time of the year is truly incredible. Our fishing is quite busy now till the 22nd of September but we have availability after that and we will be offering excellent value for those of you who want to try the Last Cast for the 2014 season. Speaking purely from a fishery perspective I would hope that the weather will break before the end of the season and we will get some Atlantic Depressions rolling in.

Finally for those of you who used to love the old Land Rover because you could all hear me coming, well that is no longer the case because our new Land Rover has just arrived and the breaks don’t squeal yet!! D.McEvoy