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Fish Showing

Fishing has improved here at Delphi in the past week, but more importantly the number of fish entering the system has improved dramatically, especially in the latter half of the week. Having said that fish were still playing hard to get, but we did manage to land fifteen for the week. It must be said that generally we had excellent water conditions on the river with water finally falling off to 30 on Saturday evening.

George Westropp was first off the mark, last Sunday with a nice fish from the Stream on Finlough of 5lbs5ozs on a Verminator.

Bill Williams managed to land a sea liced fish of approx. 5lbs in the Quarry pool on an Allie shrimp on Monday.

On Tuesday we landed four fish. Mike Shortt had one off the Turn pool of 3lbs6ozs on a Collie Dog. Pat Timpson had one off Quarry Flats on a Cascade of 4lbs3ozs. Michael Righton then had an amazing hour at the head of the Turn pool between 9 and 10pm in torrential rain when he lost five and landed two, both on a Collie Dog, the first of 3lbs11ozs and the second of 7lbs1oz.

Wednesday, Patrick Carroll had two off the Turn pool, both on a Collie Dog of 1lbs9ozs and approx.3lbs.

Thursday belonged to the dynamic Northern duo of Alan Boyd and Ken McMillan who landed four for the day. Before starting one of them happened to startle three ladies who were skinny dipping. On exiting the water one of them suggested that it might be his lucky day. As it turned out they were right. Alan Boyd managed to land three fish; one from Morrison’s of 5lbs2ozs on a Cascade and two from the Quarry of 3lbs1oz and approx. 3lbs on a Yellow Shrimp and Cascade respectively. Ken McMillan had a fish of approx. 6lbs from the Kings on a Willie Gunn.

Friday, Alan Boyd landed a big old springer of 10lbs4ozs from the Turn pool on a Beaded nymph.

Saturday Paul Smyth from Tullamore finally got off the mark with two fish in quick succession from Quarry Run. They weighed in at 4lbs and approx. 5lbs and were taken on a Yellow Allie.

On the sea trout front George and Helen Westropp had an entertaining afternoon on Glencullin with eight finnock to 1lb and a ewe. They noticed a ewe swimming across Glencullin and they did their good deed and towed her ashore.

In total we had 50 sea trout to 1lb8ozs for the week. Most of the fish were under a pound but all in excellent condition. Hopefully it bodes well for the sea trout this year and for any of you sea trout enthusiasts out there it may be worth giving it a go. D. McEvoy



















Fish Playing Hard To Get

After some nice water last Saturday, I was expecting some reasonable catches but I’m afraid it was rather slow with only six fish landed for the week. Water levels were above 15 till Thursday which although low is enough to bring fish. Most fisheries seem to have a similar story at the moment with a few exceptions.

There were grilse seen here during the week but they were less than co-operative. Conor Hannon had the first fish of the week on Monday, a sea liced 3lbs2ozs fish from the grilse pool on a Cascade. Sean Dempsey managed to land two on Tuesday. The first was 6lbs12ozs on a Beaded Nymph from the Turn pool and the second a 2lbs fish from the Bridge pool on a Delphi Collie. On Wednesday Nick Kreissl managed to land his first ever salmon on the fly from Salmon City on Finlough. The fish weighed in at 6lbs1oz and was taken on a Yellow Allie. That evening Sean Dempsey landed a sea liced fish of approx. 14lbs from the Turn pool on a Dempsey nymph. On Thursday, whilst fishing with Roger Kenny, Sean Dempsey again, with the expert help of Roger, managed to land a 9lbs fish from Salmon City on Finlough on Jungle Bunny Bibio.

On a positive note there appear to be some good sea trout arriving and there were some landed during the week, although nobody has specifically targeted them yet. That may change this week as we have some old time sea trout anglers fishing with us. So it will be interesting to see what sea trout catches are like this week.

We have had some light rain today and the river having fallen to 10 yesterday is now running at 25 and with more forecast for Monday I would be hopeful of more Grilse showing up in the system.




















DSCN1113Fishing conditions here at Delphi were extremely difficult all week until Friday as we finally got some much needed rain on Thursday night, 21.3mms to be exact which put the river up to 40 by lunchtime. After the long dry spell it was however rather coloured at first.

This was in stark contrast to earlier in the week when our Mediterranean weather continued and the river dropped off to minus 10, with the tip of the rock in the Quarry pool just visible by Thursday. It made fishing the river very difficult because of low flows, with most people concentrating on the Turn and the Quarry pools. Tuesday was a truly incredible day almost flat calm and clear blue skies. I personally had a group sea fishing with John Brittain out of Cleggan and the scenic picture below is actually of a sea stack and the cliffs on the west side of InisTurk. You could probably count on one hand the number of days in the year you could get that close to these cliffs. photoAir temperatures peaked at 22.9 degrees C with the water temperature rising to an amazing 21 degrees C.

This however did not deter Patrick Hughes from Melbourne who managed to land his first ever salmon, a cracking 12lbs5oz fish from the Turn pool on a beaded nymph. Giovanni Mazzoleni from Florence also managed to wangle one out of the Turn pool of 6lbs11ozs also on a beaded nymph. We must spare a thought for Janet Till from Devon who was also seeking that elusive first ever, managed to hook numerous but didn’t manage to hold on, which was indeed a great pity.

Michael Fisher did manage to land a beautiful 2.8lbs approx. sea trout off Finlough. I must again give credit to all our anglers earlier in the week as they thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of their holiday despite the terrible fishing conditions.

Thursday night, Friday morning the rain finally came and the river albeit a bit coloured became fishable again. There was a fish lost in the Rock pool just before lunch and then in the afternoon Reinhard Mittmann managed to land a good fish of 6lbs14.5ozs off the Stream on Fin on a Delphi Collie. He landed the fish just in time see the Germany beat France in the World Cup.

DSCN1117Today the river was in lovely order with the water running at 28. There were quite a few fish seen and lost and as of this point in time we have landed two. Ash Mathews had the first, a sea liced 6lbs15oz fish off the Whin pool on a Sunrae Shadow. Pat Cassidy had the second, a picture perfect grilse of 4lbs6ozs taken in the Quarry Run on a Delphi Collie.

The river is still at 25, so hopefully we will get some showers or rain overnight to keep it at a fishable level for the next few days. D.McEvoy











Angling Report June 2014

Fishing this month basically reflected our weather patterns. We had twenty eight fish for the first two weeks and then eleven for the second two. All rainfall in June 85.2mms (3.35”) bar 13.2mms fell in the first thirteen days. After that we became Costa Del Delphi with air temperatures rising to 24.9 degrees C and water temperatures peaking at 19.7 degrees. This makes salmon angling a little bit difficult to say the least. However I must give credit to the people who were here in those difficult weeks as they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and appreciated Delphi and this part of Ireland for what it really is.

Week 23 we managed to land thirteen fish. Husband and wife pairing of Martin and Barbara Ceillier managed to land three of these. All up eleven anglers managed to land fish, which I must say was a very even spread. There were three firsts with Charles Finch (UK), Lukas Steinmann (Germany) and Anabelle Tomes (USA) managing to land their first ever salmon. Others who had a fish each were David Walmsley, Fred Eberle, Bill Middleton, David Rainford and Ian Carroll. Manfred Wolf had two including the fish of the week of approx. 13lbs off Finlough.

Week 24 we landed fifteen fish, the majority of which were Springers, some still fresh run fish. We had no firsts as we had a rather experienced bunch of anglers. Those to land salmon included Chris Cromey Hawke, Chris Dickinson, Mike and Mark Shortt, Jean Howman, David Hewetson Brown, Peter Joyce, Tom Callanan, Sean Moogan, David Duffy and the dynamic duo of John Mills and Alan Dunlop. Biggest fish of the week was David Duffy’s 10lbs fish off Finlough.

Week 25 was beautiful, but not particularly for fishing. We landed three fish with two people landing their first ever salmon. David Hartstein and Jeff Mouttet, both from the USA had sea liced fish from the Turn pool. Margaret Downes also managed to land a sea liced fish of 9lbs.

Considering the conditions the German party in week 26 did rather well, even though there was particular emphasis on the social aspect of the week, which I must say makes our job much easier. They managed to land eight fish with Benni Weltz having four, Martin Nolde two and Sean Dempsey two.

The river is now at minus 5, so fishing this week will be difficult. 39 fish for the month brings our total for the year to 121, which is not bad at all as fishing generally around the country has been slow. Hopefully with a drop of fresh water our Grilse will start running in numbers. D.McEvoy


Delphi Events Calendar July 2014

Summer is in full swing here in the west of Ireland – gorgeous days for walking, cycling and visiting the many festivals happening in the Galway, Westport and Southwest Mayo region. You’ll be spoilt for choice with musical and food festivals, garden trails, horse racing at the Galway Races and Carrowniskey, dog shows, heritage events…you can even have a go at a bit of scuba diving. It’s all happening in the West.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar July 2014.
Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.



















Benni Rules

Foto 1Fishing this past week at Delphi was challenging to say the least. Water has been extremely low, although we did get 13.2mms over two days in the middle of the week. Unfortunately with the ground being so dry the impact it made on water levels was negligible.

However credit where credit is due our anglers this week rose to the challenge and managed to land eight fish. People often ask the question as to what makes a good salmon angler. One of the most important attributes to be successful is persistence. When conditions are difficult people would often ask my advice, which is not easy.  The best advice I can normally give is “Keep the Flies in the Water”, because you are sure as hell not going to catch any fish otherwise. The other thing anglers should remember about low water is that it’s an ideal opportunity to study the river and see where the lies are.

DSCN1107One of the anglers that persisted was Benni Weltz and he was duly rewarded by landing four fish. His first was on the 22nd from the Bridge pool on a Beaded Nymph. The fish was actually sea liced and weighed in at 3lbs15ozs. He followed this with a fish of approx. 4.5lbs at the Sunk Rock on Doolough on the 24th. On the 25th he had a fine fish of 12lbs3ozs from the Turn pool on a Beaded Nymph. His fourth fish was also on a Beaded Nymph off the Turn pool on the 26th and weighed in at 9lbs7ozs.

Martin Nolde kept at it also and he was duly rewarded with two fish. His first was off Finlough on the 27th on a Collie Dog and weighed in at 8lbs9ozs. His second was off the Turn pool on a Beaded Nymph on the 28th and weighed in at 7lbs6ozs.

DSCN1112Finally Sean Dempsey who has guided many people to fish in the last couple of weeks managed to hang on to a couple himself. Sean is an international trout angler and earlier in the week whilst playing a fish had decided to hand line during the battle. Bit like John Somerville’s story last year you wouldn’t win any prizes for guessing what happened next, ping and “oh sh—“. Having learnt his lesson as to why not to hand line spring salmon he duly landed two in hour on the 27th. The first was amazingly a sea liced fish of 6lbs13ozs from the Quarry pool on a Delphi Collie. The second was off the Turn pool on a Beaded Nymph and weighed in at 9lbs2ozs.

This week promises to be another difficult fishing week with water levels now about minus 5. Hopefully we may get some rain later in the week. Other than that we’ll just have to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and “Keep them flies in the water from time to time”






The Longest Day

DSCN1087It’s hard to believe that we have reached that stage of the year already. There are those who would say it’s all downhill from here, but we won’t worry too much about that because as the saying goes “The show must go on”. Hopefully we have plenty of salmon to catch before the end of September.

This week was slow as regards fishing, which given the weather conditions is not surprising at all. Air temperatures were regularly above 20 degrees, with near calm conditions and clear blue skies. Water temperature peaked at 19.7 degrees on Wednesday.

Despite the terrible weather conditions for angling we managed to land three fish for the week.

The first was taken last Monday by David Hartstein from the DSCN1083US who managed to land his first ever salmon having had some terrific sport in the Turn pool. The fish took a Corps Nymph and weighed in at 4lbs12.5ozs and was fresh. David also met another four fish.

The following day Jeff Mouttet (one of the McCall party) from the US, also managed to land his first ever salmon. The fish was taken on the Turn pool on a Corps nymph and weighed in at 8lbs1oz. Amazingly this fish had long tail sea lice.

On Wednesday Margaret Downes also managed to wangle one out of the Turn pool. The fish weighed in at 9lbs, was taken on a Corps nymph and also had long tail sea lice.

The fish then became rather wary of the Corps nymph and fishing since has proved unfruitful, despite a 2014-06-20 13.48.48_resizedgallant effort from all here.

It should be remarked that even though the fishing was slow all who were here said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. As some often say it’s a beautiful place to blank!!

The river is now at 0 so hopefully we may get some rain during the week to freshen things up a bit. We don’t after all need too much sunshine!! It’s hard to keep everyone happy!!







Shades of Summer

DSCN1079Today we are seeing glimpses of the fine summer weather appearing as we approach the longest day of the year. Temperatures are beginning to creep up and if the fishing slows down as I sincerely hope it doesn’t, the scenery will always be magnificent.

Having said that we had a relatively good week with fifteen fish landed, despite some difficult conditions and the midges making their mark.

First on the score sheet last Sunday was Chris Dickinson who landed a lovely sea liced fish of 9lbs11.5ozs off the Whin pool on a Sunrae Shadow.

Monday we drew a blank and on Tuesday the old Maestro himself John Mills was on the mark again with a sea liced fish of 7lbs6ozs off the Turn pool on a Delphi Collie.

20140610_154815_resizedOn Wednesday Mike Shortt saved the day with a sea liced fish of 5lbs on a Corps nymph from the Turn pool.

Thursday was a bit of a deluge as regards fish as we landed seven. Chris Dickinson had his second of the week, a fish of 7lbs13ozs off Fin on a Sunrae Shadow. The dynamic duo of John Mills and Alan Dunlop had one each off Finlough, of 8lbs11ozs and 8lbs3ozs on a Collie Dog and a Willie Gunn respectively. David Hewetson Brown had a sea liced fish of 6lbs3ozs from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn. Jean Howman had one from the Deadman’s of 4lbs on a Teal Blue and Silver. Not to be outdone by his brother Mark Shortt had a fish from the Stream on Fin of 6lbs on an Allie Shrimp. Finally Chris Cromey Hawke also had a fish from the Stream on Fin of approx. 5lbs on a Delphi Collie.

Friday Mark Shortt got one up on his brother Mike when he landed his second fish of the week, a 4lbs8oz fish from the Quarry pool on an Allie Shrimp.

So far today we have had four fish. Peter Joyce had one from the Rock pool of 3lbs4ozs on a Red Shrimp. The Westport trio of Sean Moogan, Tom Callanan and David Duffy managed three in a boat off Finlough of 8lbs6ozs, 9lbs4ozs and 10lbs on a Cascade, a Conehead Flamethrower and a Willie Gunn respectively.

This afternoon the sun has broken through and temperatures have risen dramatically, so our new group of anglers this week will have to pull out all the stops if the weather forecast is proven correct. D.McEvoy



Thirteen for Eleven

Martin_CellierOur first week in June was not bad at all, with thirteen fish landed in total. Probably the most amazing element was that these were caught by eleven anglers, which it must be said was a very fair distribution which is not always the case!

Martin Ceillier was the man on the 1st of June, with two fish off Doolough. The first weighed in at approx. 5lbs and the second at 8lbs7ozs.

Not to be outdone by her husband, Barbara managed to claw back some ground when she landed a beautiful fish of 5lbs13ozs on one of her own Willie Gunn needle tubes on the 2nd. The fish was taken in the Rock pool. Manfred Wolf also had a fine fish from Sligo Bay on Finlough. WP_20140605The fish was taken on a Delphi Collie and was a conservative 13lbs.

The 3rd saw two more landed. David Walmsley had the first of approx. 7lbs from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn. The second was taken by Charles Finch, also in the Rock pool and weighed in at 5lbs8ozs. It was taken on a Delphi Collie and was Charles first ever salmon.

We drew a blank on the 4th and then had six on the 5th. Manfred Wolf was first off the mark with a nice fish of approx. 7lbs from the Quarry pool on a Willie Gunn. Fred Eberle had one of 6lbs11ozs from the Rock pool on a Cascade. Bill Middleton had a good fish of 10lbs2ozs from Salmon City on Finlough on a Delphi Collie. Lukus Steinmann had his first ever salmon from the Boat Point on Finlough on a Cascade. The fish weighed in at 4lbs3ozs. David Rainford had a fish of 8lbs from the Turn pool on a Cascade. Finally Anabelle Tomes managed to land her first ever salmon. The fish was taken in the Bridge pool on a Red Francis and was approx. 5lbs.

There were quite a few fish seen and risen on Friday, with Ian Carroll the only one who managed to land a fish. It was a cracking fish weighing in at 12lbs was taken on the Turn pool on a Jack Power Special (not the Whiskey)

Yesterday I was expecting great things as we had some crack anglers but I’m afraid they failed miserably. The day was extremely thundery with some heavy showers and thunder and lightening also, was I suppose some form of excuse!!

We are still waiting for our first fish of the day, which we will see hopefully before the close of play. DSCN1071The river is running at about 23, which is a shade low but there are still fish entering the system so hopefully we will see a few of them landed in the next week. D.McEvoy








Angling Report May 2014

May saw a big improvement for angling here at Delphi with a total of 58 fish landed for the month. There were some cracking fish among these none more so than John Somerville’s record breaking 19lbs9ozs fish off Finlough. The first three days in May were relatively slow with only two fish landed. Week 19 we had eight, and weeks 20, 21 and 22 were very evenly and diplomatically spread with sixteen fish for each of the three weeks. Conditions for the most part were excellent with plenty water throughout, with a total of 285.7mms or 11.3 inches of rain.

The first two landed in May were taken by a regular German/Swiss group. Markus Merz from Switzerland was delighted and relieved to finally land a Springer, 9lbs8ozs off the Grilse pool in his Spring week.

Week 19 Angus Sutherland’s party, although not as successful as last year, again had the lion’s share of the catch with four landed. Peter O’Reilly had two, Niall Green one and Angus himself had the pick of them, a fine 11lbs8ozs fish from the Meadow pool. Heribert also had two fine fish for his week of approx. 13lbs and 11lbs4ozs. Hopefully Ken Williams has by now recovered from the disappointment of breaking in a good fish in the Meadow pool when he was supposed to be under my supervision!! Mark Corps and David Lennon also had fish off Finlough.

Week 20 saw a big improvement with sixteen landed. Top rod for the was Christopher Jarman with four, closely followed by Ciaran Boland with three, Paul Shalvey and Paul Wymes had two each and Robbie Burton, John Tappin, Stuart Lyon and Mikko Lofgren all had a fish each. I should also mention Inona Grochowska from Poland who landed her first ever salmon, from the stream on Finlough. Fish of the week would have to be Christopher Jarman’s 8lbs12oz fish, which he caught from the far side of the Rock pool at the back of the island with the river at 75.

Week 21 saw sixteen fish also landed. This time there was a good spread with 11 anglers landing fish. Simon Albertini, Kurt Roth, Mikko Lofgren, John Plumb and Graham Feilden all had two fish each, while Niall Higgins, Seamus O’Neill, Martin Devlin, Arthur Jardine, Bertrand Fenart and last but by no means least Charles Dring all had one each. Charles’ would have to be fish of the week not least because it was the biggest but because he actually telephoned the lodge looking for someone to go down and net his fish, which I duly did. I don’t know if Charles has quite come back down to earth yet!

Week 22 was the same again with sixteen landed. It was a memorable week not just because of Somerville’s monster but also due to the fact that five people landed their first ever salmon. They were Jean Louis Berthomieu, Anouchka Jennings, Chris Simpkin, Etienne Verhasselt and Bill Marsden. Bertrand Fenart, Michael Wymes, Nick Cunningham and of course John Somerville all had a fish each. Paul Wymes landed seven.

Fish of the week and the year and the modern era was without doubt John Somerville’s 19lbs9oz fish off Finlough on a Delphi Collie. The fish which took over an hour to play was duly landed by John’s boat partner Paul Wymes.

So ended May 2014 with a total of 58 fish and many great memories. D.McEvoy