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Did I Say Blue Skies at Last!

DL3108_1308Well the blue skies didn’t last for long here at Delphi or anywhere else in the country for that matter since my last update. We have had 79.5mms (3.12”) of rain in the interim. The river has rarely fallen below 35 which made for lovely water but the fish were far from cooperative. There were also a few days were Doolough in particular was unfishable due to high winds.

As a result ten fish were landed in the intervening period. First off the mark on the 16th was Hugh Brennan who landed a nice fish of approx. 3.5lbs at Glencullin Point on Doolough on a Silver Stoat. Hugh was fishing with Peter Morris and they proved to be the dynamic duo for the week. They had two on the 17th, both off fin. The first was taken by Peter in Salmon City DL3108_0277weighing in at 4lbs7ozs on a Delphi Collie and Hugh had the second, also from Salmon City of 6lbs7ozs on a Cascade. Brendan Keenan also had a nice fresh fish off the Schoolhouse on the river of 4lbs on a Silver Stoat.

Peter Morris had his second on the 19th at the Harbour on Doolough of approx. 4lbs again on a Delphi Collie. He had another from Salmon City on Fin on the 20th. The fish was again taken on a Delphi Collie and weighed in at 4lbs12ozs.

Hugh Brennan managed to land two on the 21st from the river. The first was taken in the Quarry pool on an Ally Shrimp and weighed in at 8lbs6ozs. The second also on an Ally Shrimp was from the Grilse pool and weighed in at 4lbs5ozs.

The past week has been slow with three landed. David Allcutt had two. The first was a nice fish of 6lbs2ozs in the Stream on Fin taken on a Silver Stoat and the second was from Cooleens of approx. 5lbs again on a Silver Stoat. The third was taken by Niall Green at the Black Rock on Glencullin of approx. 3lbs on a Red Assed Green Peter.

We also had our sea trout specialists Tom and Shirley Morrison last week but I’m afraid they only managed to land four. Sea trout so far this year have been poor and well down on last year, not only here but on a number of fisheries.

With September starting tomorrow hopefully we will start to see more activity with the salmon as they often tend to become more aggressive later in the year.




Delphi Events Calendar September 2015

Can it really be September so soon? With a Food Festival and Chamber of Music Festival in Westport, the Autumn meeting of the Galway Races and International Oyster Festival as well as the Leenane Autumn Festival to mention just a few attractions, if you’re planning an early Autumn break in the West of Ireland there’s a great variety of events to choose from. And of course, whatever you choose to do, there’s always the wonderfully warm Delphi Lodge “welcome home” upon your return.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar September 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


















Blue Skies at Last

DL_0275Well believe it or not the rain has finally ceased and we have even seen some blue skies here in Delphi in the last week. The midges have also made a dramatic comeback, eager to make up for lost time and they were as vicious as ever. The fishing has also slowed down with the fine weather and the salmon seem to be getting a touch of the blues, i.e. very uncooperative in other words. Having said that we did have some truly stunning days (for the year that’s in it) in the last week and one was privileged to be out and about in such beautiful surroundings.

We have landed ten fish since my last update. The first of these was taken by Brian Forristal, who landed his first ever salmon. The fish was taken on a Cascade in the Deadmans and weighed in at 4lbs4.5ozs. Urs had a fish that evening from the Kings pool of 3lbs14ozs on an Improved Helmore’s Hackle.DL_1303

We actually did get rain Sunday night and Monday morning and there was a good flow in the Glenummera at Doolough. Matt Gardinier was getting a lesson from me and because the midges were so bad on the lawn we adjourned to Doolough where Matt landed his first ever salmon, a lovely hen fish of approx. 8lbs taken on a Delphi Collie and duly returned to hopefully further its journey up the Glenummera in December to spawn.

On Wednesday Wayne Byrne who is home on holiday from the UK managed to out fish his brother Gareth, when he landed two fish. The first was 8lbs5ozs taken in the Turn pool on a Gold Headed nymph and the second of 4lbs8ozs from Boat Point on Finlough on a Yellow Flame Thrower. On Thursday Urs had one of 2lbs3ozs on a Daddy Long Legs from Boat Point on Fin and on Friday he had another, this time a fine fish of 10lbs1oz from the Turn pool on a Neighbour’s Cat nymph. (I hope the neighbour has a new cat at this stage!!)

Finally yesterday there were three salmon landed. Mark Corps had two from the Turn pool on nymphs, one of 8lbs5ozs and one of 4lbs12ozs. Finally David Dunne also had a fish of 6lbs off Finlough on a Willie Gunn.

DL_1608_2015There are plenty of fish in the system now but they are a little bit difficult at the minute, but it looks like the weather will break again on Wednesday which will hopefully liven them up again and draw a few more fresh fish in.
















Fish Taking Slower but Still 20 for the Week

DL08082015_1305After the highs of the previous week the salmon brought all our expert anglers back down to earth this week, proving a little harder to get. We still however managed to land twenty for the week, despite Monday being more or less unfishable due to high winds and rain.

We drew a blank on Sunday last which was the first fishless day for some time. Monday we had one before the madness started. William Beattie landed a magnificent sea liced grilse of 7lbs6ozs in the Horseshoe on a Willie Gunn. Then the wind started to increase and we had over 28mms of rain with the river rising to 90.

There were five landed on Tuesday with Paul Wymes landing four. One was from the sluice at Doolough of approx. DL08082015_13013.5lbs on a Foxford shrimp and two from the Middle river, one of approx. 4lbs on a Willie Gunn and one of 4lbs3ozs also on a Willie Gunn. He then got one from the Stream on Finlough of 9lbs3ozs on a Foxford shrimp. Urs also managed to land a fish of 8lbs on a Delphi Collie in the Quarry pool. Urs and Paul (The Dream Team in Delphi Fishing Circles) did share a boat on Finlough in the afternoon and blanked, so they are human after all, (even though Paul did land the 9lbs3ozs fish later in the stream.)

We landed three on Wednesday, with Neville McConnell bagging all three off Finlough. They were all taken on a Green shrimp and weighed in at 3lbs2ozs, 4lbs3ozs and 3lbs13ozs respectively.

The 6th was the turn of the Beattie party to keep the catches going with three for the day. William had one from the Quarry on a Bann Special of 4lbs. Gareth had one from the Rock pool of 4lbs5ozs on a Gary Dog and Oliver Ross had one off Fin of 1lb14ozs on a Green Shrimp.

There were four on the 7th with Urs landing landing two, one of 3lbs on a Recycled shrimp from the Whin and one from the Bridge pool of 3lbs8ozs on a Bann Special. Neville McConnell had another off Fin on a Green shrimp of 4lbs12ozs. Conor O’Leary had a nice fish of 2lbs15ozs from the Rock pool on a Bann Special.

Finally there were four yesterday. Urs had three, one of approx. 4.5lbs from the Whin pool on a Delphi Collie and two from Boat Point on Fin, one of 8lbs4ozs and one of 2lbs12.5ozs both on a Willie Gunn. Paul Wymes also had a fish off Fin of 5lbs8ozs on a Curry’s Red shrimp.

With more rain last night and today the river is still in perfect order so hopefully the fish will keep coming!!




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Angling Report July 2015

DL_7236July saw some excellent salmon fishing at Delphi. Catches for the month were the highest since 2007, with a total of 127 fish landed. Conditions throughout the month were excellent for salmon fishing with a total of 170.5mms (6.71”) of rain which made it the wettest July since 2012.

Catches were pretty steady throughout the month with the last week actually being the best. Fresh fish were consistently observed entering the system.

The first four days of the month coincided with the end of week 27, which is an extremely multi-cultural week with guests from England, Scotland, Italy, Bahamas, Germany and Northern Ireland. Fifteen fish were landed in the latter half of that week, with Brian Fisher, Klaus Buening, Giovanni Mazzoleni, Charles Finch, Mark Corps, Mike Shortt, Christof Defillon and David Healy all landing fish. The biggest fish was taken by Mark Corps in the Turn pool on a Corps Shrimp of approx. 11lbs.

Week 28 saw twenty six fish landed. Werner Fasching, David Healy, David Dunne, Conor Hannon, Heribert, Mark Walton, Alois Pfeiffer, Michael Wymes, Ash Mathews, Howard Williams, David Gilpin, Jono Phealan, Pat O’Connor and Ken McMillan all landed fish. Two guests were lucky enough to land their first ever salmon. Ron Fry from the USA landed a nice fish of 6lbs3ozs in Heneghans on a Foxford shrimp, while Tim Robertson from Australia had his in the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn weighing in at 4lbs14ozs closely followed by a second in the Meadow pool of 4lbs, again on a Willie Gunn. Fish of the week was Michael Wymes’ from the Horseshoe of 9lbs8ozs on a Willie Gunn.

There were twenty nine fish landed in week 29. This week was a prime example of what seems to be happening here a lot this year with fish turning on and off big time. On one morning session on the river Ken McMillan and Alan Boyd had four between them and lost eleven. Kurt Roth also met a few fish the same morning. In the afternoon nothing happened on the river. You will never figure these salmon out and just when you think you have it cracked they prove you wrong. Successful anglers during the week were Alan Boyd, George and Helen Westropp, David Gilpin, Mike Shortt, Kurt Roth, Bill Morrison, Ken McMillan, Patrick Carroll, Michael Griffin and Ciaran Boland. Special mention must go to two young anglers, Michelle Roth and Seamus McEvoy who both landed their first ever salmon on the fly. Michelle’s was a lovely 7lbs2ozs fish from the Road Pool on a Frances and Seamus’ was 4lbs6.5ozs on a Willie Gunn from the Turn Pool. Biggest of the week was George Westropp’s cracking fish of 9lbs7ozs from the Holly on a Cascade.

Week 30 was a bit quieter with twenty fish landed. Peter Eaton and Bob Hadden got off to flying starts, with Peter having two including one fine fish of 10lbs14ozs from the Grilse pool on a Willie Gunn. Bob had three in a session and lost five. Fish were also landed by Shauna Waterer, Alexander Mills, John Somerville, Michael Van Merek, Julia Horne and a first ever salmon for Ian Jackson of 3lbs9ozs off Doolough on a Willie Gunn. Highlight of the week was however without doubt John Mills landing his 200th Delphi salmon. John is well known in the angling circles throughout the West and it is certainly well deserved.

The last six days of the month saw excellent fishing throughout, with 37 fish landed. The Beattie, Mills and Jarman rods accounted for the lions share of the catch. Successful anglers included William, Gareth and Jane Beattie, John and Alexander Mills, Christopher Jarman, Giles Johnson, Mick Kelly, John Somerville, Rick Taylor, Ian Edgar and Teddy Coulter. There were also four people who landed their first ever salmon. Tim Oxley had a fish of 3lbs12ozs from Cooleens on a Willie Gunn and Earl Horton from the USA had one of 6lbs5ozs off Doolough on a Willie Gunn. Young Finn Taylor and Patrick Conroy had a fish each off Finlough of 5lbs12ozs on a Cascade and 5lbs on a Delphi Collie respectively. Well done to them!

That brought our total for the month to 127 and 290 for the year to date. D.McEvoy



















July Finishes with a Flourish

DL_02082015_11295The last week in July saw some excellent fishing here in Delphi and we recorded our best week of the season so far with 41 fish landed in total. Conditions throughout were again very conducive to salmon fishing with excellent water throughout and steady numbers of fish still running.

Sunday started in style with nine fish landed. Alexander Mills was first off the mark with a fine fresh fish off the Turn pool of 8lbs2.5ozs on a Red Shrimp. William Beattie then had two, one from the Turn pool of 6lbs5ozs and a beautiful fresh fish of approx. 8.5lbs on the Quarry, both on a Bann Special. Martin Stokes managed to land another fish from the Turn pool in the afternoon of 4lbs13.5ozs on a Cascade. Tim Oxley originally from England but now living in Switzerland managed to land his first ever salmon in the afternoon. DL_02082015_0033The fish was taken in Cooleens on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 3lbs12ozs. Giles Johnson also had one in the afternoon from the Mouth of the Glenumera on Doolough of approx. 4lbs. Chris Jarman had two, one from the Holly of 4lbs14ozs and one from the Rock of 3lbs3ozs, both on a Willie Gunn. I had one myself from the Grilse pool of 4lbs4ozs also on a Willie Gunn.

There were seven landed on Monday, with the Beattie pairing of William and Gareth accounting for six of these. All fish were taken on a Bann Special, with one from the Rock, two from Duffers Run, one from Quarry Flats, one from Heneghans and one from the Goat pool. They weighed in at 4lbs4ozs, 3lbs15ozs, 5lbs4ozs, 3lbs7ozs, 5lbs5ozs and 6lbs3ozs respectively. DL_02082015_1287Finally but by no means least Fenton Glover, grandson of Chris and Elizabeth Glover managed to land his first ever salmon. The fish was taken in Cooleens on a Cascade and weighed in at 4lbs10ozs.

Six were landed on Tuesday and this time it was Chris Jarman’s turn to account for the lions share, with four, one from the Grilse of approx. 4lbs on a Cascade and three from the Rock pool of 3lbs14.5ozs, 4lbs7ozs and 5lbs7ozs. Two were on a Cascade and one on a Collie Dog. John Somerville and John Mills managed to land two from Fin of 3lbs and 6lbs13ozs on a Delphi Collie and a Willie Gunn.

There were seven on Wednesday, including two first evers, the first being Finn Taylor who landed a lovely 5lbs12ozs fish on a Green Peter off Finlough. The second was taken by Patrick Conroy, who is a Grandson of John Mills and was indeed under his tutelage when he landed a fish of 5lbs off Finlough on a Delphi Collie.

Rick Taylor, Finn’s father also had two fish both off Finlough on Cascades weighing in at 3lbs and 3lbs12ozs respectively. John Mills had another off Fin on a Willie Gunn of 6lbs1oz and William Beattie also had one on a Galway Green of 7lbs10ozs. Finally Chris Jarman had one off the Quarry pool of 4lbs10ozs on a Silver Stoat.

Thursday was a little quieter with only three landed. DL_02082015_1291Mick Kelly had a fine fresh fish of approx. 7lbs on a Silver Stoat from Dipper Run and Gareth Beattie had two cracking fish off Fin on a Willie Gunn of 8lbs and 9lbs2ozs.

On Friday Earl Horton from the USA landed his first ever salmon. The fish was taken off Doolough on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 6lbs5ozs. It was even more special as all the family shared the moment. Chris Jarman also had two, one from the Quarry on a Silver Stoat of 4lbs3ozs and one from Finlough again on a Silver Stoat of 2lbs10ozs. Finally Teddy Coulter had a fish of 3lbs10ozs off Fin on a Kinermony Killer.

Yesterday the 1st of August four fish were landed. The first was taken by Chris Jarman from the Quarry on a Silver Stoat, weighing in at 3lbs10.5ozs. Gareth Beattie then had a fine fish from the Grilse of 9lbs6ozs on a Red Cascade. David Dunne had a fresh fish of 3lbs10ozs on a Yellow Shrimp off Fin and finally Jane Beattie had a nice fish of 6lbs8ozs on a Galway Green off Fin.

There are still fresh fish entering the system and with the forecast again for broken weather, there may be another good fishing week in store. D.McEvoy



































Delphi Events Calendar August 2015

Here we are in August already. Unbelievable. If you’re planning your visit to the area or being spontaneous, you might like to know what’s going on in Connemara, Galway and Westport – all no more than a few shakes of a Connemara Lamb’s tail from the luxurious comfort of Delphi Lodge. This month you can bike, hike or drive around Clew Bay’s Beautiful Gardens, there’s scuba-diving, arts, music, horse-racing, horse and dog shows, food (always food), marathons of all descriptions to run off the food…we have it all and we’re only delighted to share it with you. See you soon.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar August 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.



Eaton and Hadden Peak Early and the Old Maestro Lands his 200th

IMG_20150723_132323Catches here at Delphi have continued to be steady for the past week with 20 fish landed since my last update. Peter Eaton and Bob Hadden had excellent starts to the week with five between them and then of course John Mills landed his 200th Delphi salmon of the modern era.

With perfect conditions on Sunday morning, the river running at 60, Peter Eaton was first off the mark with two, one of which was a beauty. His first was off the Grilse pool of 4lbs10ozs on a Willie Gunn and his second of 10lbs14ozs with sea lice was taken in the Whin pool, again on a Willie Gunn. It was a truly magnificent fish for this time of year and turned out to be the biggest of the week. Shauna Waterer (daughter of a former regular visitor, Bill Horne), managed to land a fish of 5lbs7ozs in the Whin pool on a Collie Dog and lost another. Her sister Julia lost three but made up for it later in the week.

On Monday morning Bob Hadden had a session to remember, landing three and losing another five. His first two were in the Rock pool, both on a Collie Dog, weighing in at 2lbs9ozs and 4lbs6ozs. His third fish was from Morrisons, again on a Collie Dog and weighed in at 4lbs10ozs. Alexander Mills also had two, one a stale fish at Boat Point on Finlough of 7lbs12ozs on a Willie Gunn and a nice grilse of approx. 5lbs from the Turn pool also on a Willie Gunn.

On Tuesday morning Julia Horne managed to land a fish of 4lbs5ozs from the Horseshoe on a Delphi Collie. Alexander Mills landed two, one from the Grilse pool of approx. 4lbs on a Red Shrimp and the second of 3lbs4ozs from Cooleens on a Willie Gunn. John Somerville also had one, from the Goat pool of 3lbs6ozs on a Willie Gunn. In the afternoon John Mills had a fish of 5lbs3ozs off Finlough on a Willie Gunn to make it number 198.

On Wednesday Bob Hadden had his fourth of the week, a nice fish of 4lbs5ozs from Boat Point on Finlough on a Cascade. John Somerville had his second, a fish of 3lbs8ozs from the Rock pool on a Delphi Collie.DSCN1273

Thursday belonged to the Old Maestro himself, John Mills who managed to land two fish off Finlough, both on a Willie Gunn. The first was a fairly fresh fish and weighed in at 9lbs and the second his 200th fish of the modern era weighed in at 7lbs11ozs. John started fishing here in the early 60’s and probably has another few along with the 200 and God only knows how many sea trout. Needless to say John was over the moon and it is just reward for a long standing customer and friend of Delphi. In my own opinion he is probably one of the most efficient anglers to fish here.

Yesterday was a bit slower but I managed to keep the record going with a lovely grilse of 5lbs1.5ozs from the Deadmans on a Collie Dog.

Today was not an ideal fishing day but we managed to land two. Michael Van Merek (or Michael the Dutchman from Ballynahinch as he is more commonly known in these parts) had a lovely fish of 5lbs off the Deadmans on a Red Frances. Ian Jackson who is visiting from the USA managed to land his first ever salmon also. The fish was taken at Powder House Beach on Doolough on a Willie Gunn and weighed in at 3lbs7ozs.

There are still good numbers of grilse entering the system and this year it seems to be even more so than ever if you are in the right place at the right time you’ll get fish. In other words they seem to turn on and off, big time. The river is now below 30 but with more rain forecast tonight it should be in great order again for the coming days. D.McEvoyIMG_0545











































Excellent Sport since Last Update and the Young Guns Score Too

DL19072015_256Fishing here at Delphi has been excellent since my last update, with 36 fish landed and probably twice as many met and lost. Conditions have been ideal for salmon fishing here with near perfect water conditions and plenty of fish entering the system.

Saturday the 11th saw seven fish being landed. The river started at 50 and all but one of the fish were landed before lunch. We had heavy rain during the morning and afternoon with the river peaking at 90 later on. Michael Wymes was first off the mark with a cracking fish from the Horseshoe of 9lbs8ozs on a Willie Gunn. Ash Mathews had two, one from the Rock pool of 6lbs1oz on a Frances and one from the Whin of 5lbs7ozs on a Cascade. His fishing partner for the morning Howard Williams also had one from the Meadow of 5lbs7ozs on a Cascade. David Gilpin had one from the Deadmans of 5lbs3ozs also on a Cascade. DL19072015_0165Mike Shortt had a fish of 4lbs15ozs off Fin on a Collie Dog. The river was practically unfishable in the afternoon and rising rapidly and it wasn’t until 10pm that Ken McMillan managed to land the seventh of the day from the Turn pool of approx. 3lbs on a Cascade.

The 12th saw eight fish landed. George and Helen Westropp had two fish each. George had a lovely fish of 9lbs7ozs from the Holly pool on a Cascade, while Helen landed one on a Cascade of 4lbs11ozs from the Deadmans. In the afternoon George had one off Fin on a Red Frances of 4lbs, while Helen also had one off Fin of 3lbs5ozs on a Cascade. Alan Boyd had a stale springer off Fin of 7lbs10ozs on an Ally Shrimp and then proceeded to play a good double figure fish for half an hour before finally parting company. DL19072015_0520You can see by the look in one of our photos that his boat partner Ken was getting a little bored!! David Gilpin also had two fish off the river, one from the Grilse pool of 3lbs5ozs and one from the Waterfall of 4lbs14ozs, both on a Gary Dog. Mike Shortt had a fish off the Turn pool of 4lbs6ozs on a Delphi Collie.

There were four landed on the 13th. Kurt Roth landed three of these. The first was from the Turn pool of 5lbs5ozs on a Black and Green, the second from the Fallen Tree on Fin on a cone head Frances of 3lbs9ozs and the third in the Stream of approx. 4lbs on a Green Peter. Ken McMillan also had a fish from the Meadow pool of approx. 3lbs on a Collie Dog.

The 14th we only had the one, but the day belonged totally to 11 year old Michelle Roth, Kurt’s daughter and Nick’s granddaughter. It was Michelle’s first salmon on the fly and it weighed in at 7lbs2ozs and was taken in the Road pool on a Frances. Well done Michelle from all here at Delphi.

There were three fish on the 15th. Helen Westropp had one from the Meadow pool of 3lbs14ozs on a Cascade. William Morrison also had one on a Cascade from the Rock pool of 4lbs4ozs and Mike Shortt had a cracking grilse of approx. 7.5lbs from the Deadmans also on a Cascade.

There were five on the 16th with Ken McMillan and Alan Boyd landing four off the river and meeting another ten. Ken had two, one from the Quarry pool of 2lbs12ozs and one from the Kings of 5lbs11ozs, both on Cascades. Alan had one from the Deadmans of 3lbs7ozs and one from Heneghans of approx. 5.5lbs, both also on a Cascade. Kurt Roth had the fifth of the day from the Steam on Fin of 3lbs5ozs on a Willie Gunn.

Four were landed on the 17th, with Patrick Carroll being first off the mark with a fish of 4lbs10ozs from the Quarry pool on a gold headed Red shrimp. Alan Boyd had two, one of 4lbs7ozs from the New Island and one of 3lbs4ozs from Morrisons, both on Cascades. Ken McMillan also had a fish of 3lbs8ozs from Deadmans on a Cascade.

Finally there were four yesterday. Michael Griffin had a lovely grilse of 6lbs2ozs from the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn. Ciaran Boland had one of approx. 4lbs also in the Whin on a Frances. 16 year old Seamus McEvoy managed to land his first ever on the fly from the Turn pool, unaided it must be said. The fish was taken on a Willie Gunn tube on a full sinking line and weighed in at 4lbs6ozs. Not to be outdone by my own son I managed to land my first Delphi fish of the year, weighing in at 4lbs11ozs from the Quarry on a Willie Gunn.

Water levels are still near perfect and there are fresh fish still running so I would expect the good fishing to hopefully continue.