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Angling Report June 2015 and July gets Going

DL03Jul2015_0235All in all June was a relatively successful for salmon angling here at Delphi especially when one takes into account the weather conditions. We only had 102.4 mms (4.03”) of rain, which for here is low. Almost 50% of this fell on the 1st and the 26th, which meant that water levels were generally low. The exception was of course the first week. Water held up nicely as a result of the big flood we had on the 1st and again from the 26th on when we got 38.8mms in the last five days. Air temperatures finally approached levels that one would classify normal for the time of year.

The month started in fine style with 18 fish landed for week 18. All of these fish were springers bar one which was a grilse. The Moore party had a tremendous few days landing 9 between them. Fred Eberle had the biggest of the week with a fish of 11lbs12ozs from the Whin. DL03Jul2015_0495Manfred Wolf even managed his first of the week with his last cast, in the Deadman’s and then proceeded to hook himself for good measure!

Week 24 saw water levels dropping off and we landed twelve fish. The Mills party accounted for six of these and Mark Corps, Mike Shortt and Michael Blake having four between them. The remaining two were first ever salmon for Ken O’ Boyle and Juerg Sturzenegger.

Week 25 saw the first real glimpses of summer weather, with water levels dropping even further. There were still nine fish landed. The O’Mahoney party accounted for six of these. Margaret Downes, Cian Murtagh and Johannes Hipp had the remaining three.

Week 26 saw the return of a long standing group of German anglers. Despite relatively fine weather they still managed to land eleven fish. Six of these fish were already recorded on my last update. Martin Nolde had his second fish of the week on the 25th, of 5lbs14ozs on a Delphi Collie off Finlough. Yvonne had a nice grilse of 5lbs14ozs off the Deadmans on a Collie Dog. Martin Nolde had his second for the day of 3lbs11ozs off the Rock pool on a Delphi Collie. Finally Ryan Mangiapane had his first ever salmon, a nice grilse of approx. 3.5lbs DL03Jul2015_1284off Doolough.

The last fish of the week fell to Fredo Dietrich, a beautiful sea liced fish of 7lbs2ozs off the Whin pool on a Collie Dog.

The remaining four days of the month saw seven fish landed. There were four on the 28th, Klaus Buening landing two. The first was from the Quarry on a Shrimp fly of approx. 7lbs and the second from the Sream on Finlough of 6lbs10.5ozs on a Collie Dog. Peter Robinson had a nice grilse of 4lbs13ozs from the Whin on a Collie Dog and Peter Joyce had one of 5lbs12ozs from the King’s on a Willie Gunn.

There were none on the 29th and then three on the 30th. Cormac Hartnett had a nice grilse of 4lbs0.5ozs from the Turn pool on a Willie Gunn. Romuald Remy from France had his first ever salmon and it was a beauty of 10lbs12ozs with sea lice from the Turn pool on a Delphi Collie. Giovanni Mazzoleni had the last fish of the month from the Bridge pool on a Cascade tube weighing in at 5lbs13ozs.

That brought our total for the month to 57 fish and the year to date to 163. With water levels staying up nicely it led to some good fishing over the next few days.

We had three fish on the 1st, with Brian Fisher having two from the Grilse pool before breakfast of approx. 6lbs and 4lbs, both on a Collie Dog. Klaus Buening also had a nice fish of approx. 6.5lbs from the Whin pool also on a Collie Dog. On the 2nd we had three, with Giovanni Mazzoleni having two, one from the Waterfall of 4lbs13ozs on a Francis and one from the Turn pool of approx. 4lbs on a Nymph. DL03Jul2015_0492Brian Fisher had a nice fish from the Rock pool of 4lbs8ozs on a Collie Dog. The 3rd saw two landed, with Charles Finch having a nice fish of approx. 6lbs from the Rock pool on a Cascade and Giovanni Mazzoleni having one, also from the Rock pool on a Collie Dog.

We had six before lunch on Saturday. The Shortt party had five off the river. Mark Corps had two from the Turn pool, one of approx. 11lbs on a Corps shrimp and one of 7lbs13ozs on a Blue Collie Dog. Christof Defillon also had two, one from the Rock pool of 4lbs2ozs on a Christof Special and one from the Turn pool of approx. 7.5lbs on a Nymph. Mike Shortt also had one of approx. 3lbs on a Nymph from the Meadow pool. David Healy had a fish of 3lbs4.5ozs off Finlough on a Francis. Finally Mark Corps had another off Fin this afternoon of 5lbs4ozs on a Collie Dog.

The water is still holding up nicely and with grilse entering the system and rain forecast for Monday it should bode well for the next few days. We have some availability this week so if you are interested just contact us. D.McEvoy





















Delphi Events Calendar July 2015

Here we are in July already. Unbelievable. If you’re planning your visit to the area or being spontaneous, you might like to know what’s going on in Connemara, Galway and Westport – all no more than a few shakes of a Connemara Lamb’s tail from the luxurious comfort of Delphi Lodge. This month you can join the Annual Pilgrimage up Ireland’s Holy Mountain, Croagh Patrick, on the famous Reek Sunday (footwear optional), you can bike, hike or drive around Clew Bay’s Beautiful Gardens, there’s scuba-diving, arts, music, horse-racing, horse and dog shows, food (always food), marathons of all descriptions to run off the food…we have it all and we’re only delighted to share it with you. See you soon.

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar July 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.


Glimpses of Summer

DL_250615Since my last update the weather has certainly become more like what one would expect for the last week in June with a maximum temperature of 19.2 degrees C. It is not altogether what one would consider ideal for salmon fishing given the beautiful weather and low water conditions, but we have still managed to land some fish in the interim.

Johannes Hipp was first off the mark with a cracking fish from the Grilse pool on Saturday of 10lbs14ozs on a Flame Thrower. His fishing partner Benny Weltz followed this up on Sunday with one off Finlough of 7lbs12ozs on a Delphi Collie. Yvonne also managed a lovely fresh grilse off the Deadmans of 4lbs on a Collie Dog.

Monday saw Benny Weltz land another fish, this time off the Whin pool of approx. 5lbs on a Silver Badger variant. DL_250615_5643James Sliger from USA managed to land his first ever salmon, off Doolough. The fish weighed in at 6lbs.

Yesterday started dark and dreary but the afternoon turned out to be a beautiful day. Reinhard managed to land a fish in the evening off Finlough on a Willie Gunn of 6lbs11ozs. This morning Martin Nolde also had a fish off Fin of 3lbs8ozs on a Collie Dog.

We have some rain this morning so hopefully it will bring the river up and put a bit of fresh water back in the system, liven up the fish that are here and draw more fresh fish in. The grilse have been slow generally so far, so hopefully they should start to appear in bigger numbers in the next few weeks. D.McEvoy













Mid-Summer Approaches

IMG_0483It’s hard to believe that we are only two days away from the longest day of the year! February 1st only seems like yesterday. Since then Delphi valley has seen a complete transformation, from the winter browns to the lush green of summer. Added to that we have the Gorse (or Whins as we call them here) in their full yellow bloom and of course the Rhododendron in resplendent purple. It all makes the valley even more beautiful than normal, if that’s possible.

The fishery has also continued to produce despite conditions being far from ideal for salmon fishing with water levels dropping off dramatically, but we still managed to land sixteen fish since my last update.

Ken O’Boyle was the first off the mark with a nice sea liced grilse on the evening of the 7th from the Rock pool of 3lbs6ozs on a Collie Dog. John Mills continued his good run of form, with two fish on the 9th, both from the Turn pool on the old reliable, a Willie Gunn. The first was 7lbs4ozs and the second was approx. 8lbs. He had DSCN0222another on the 10th off Finlough of 7lbs2ozs again on a Willie Gunn. That now brings John’s total for the modern era to 197, just three short of 200. I’m sure if we added in what he caught here since the 50’s he’d be closer to 300.

Juerg Sturzenegger managed to land his first ever salmon, also on the 10th from Doolough. The fish was sea liced and weighed in at 7lbs10ozs.

John Somerville got his year off the mark with a sea liced fish of 8lbs15ozs from the Turn pool on the 11th on a Collie Dog.

The 12th was a very productive day with four fish landed. Mark Corps landed two, one from the Meadow pool of 3lbs6ozs on DSCN0228a Willie Gunn and the second a beautiful sea liced fish of approx. 11lbs from the Turn pool on a Corps nymph. Mike Shortt also had a sea liced fish of 6lbs from the Quarry pool on a Collie Dog. Michael Blake had the fourth fish of the day, again sea liced from the Whin pool on a Claret Bumble variant, weighing in at 6lbs10ozs.

The past week has seen the O’ Mahoney party account for nearly all fish landed. Declan himself had three, one from the Turn pool on a nymph weighing in at 6lbs6ozs, one from the Rock pool of 4lbs9ozs on an Ally shrimp and the third from the Meadow pool on a Francis of 5lbs8ozs. William Tanner had two, one from the Whin of 3lbs4ozs on a Red Assed Green Peter and the second from the stream on Fin of 4lbs9ozs on a Kate McClaren. Brian DL_19062015McGarvey also had one of 8lbs11ozs from the Turn pool on a Thunder and Lightning.

Margaret Downes had a good fish of 10lbs6ozs from Boat Point on Finlough yesterday on a Cascade. And finally Cian Murtagh left it until this morning, even with the river at 10, before landing a lovely sea liced fish of 7lbs2ozs from the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn.

Results from the scale readings from Tony Barrett-Jolley’s 20lbs11ozs fish confirm that the fish is actually a 3 sea winter fish. For those of you not in the know this means that the fish would have migrated to sea in 2012 and then spent three winters at sea, more than likely feeding off the West coast of Greenland.

I had stated before that Tony’s fish was the second biggest fish caught here, but I was incorrect as Peter Mantle very kindly has since sent me the full list of salmon over 20lbs landed at Delphi since records began. The attached list makes interesting reading and hopefully we may add to it in the near future. D.McEvoy


Delphi Fishery’s Salmon of 20lbs and Over      
Date Captor   Weight Location Fly/Lure
12.10.10 W. Illingworth 23lbs Turn Pool Fly
26.05.37 Sir. Ronald Macleary 22lbs Turn Pool Mar Lodge
03.05.27 Lord Sligo 22lbs Finlough Jock Scott
13.05.40 J.G. Garvey 22lbs Doolough Silver Doctor
09.05.30 Charles Merritt 22lbs Finlough Spoon
28.05.55 Douglas Goodbody 22lbs Finlough Brown and Gold
24.05.13 Sir. David Barbour 21lbs12ozs Finlough Fly
18.05.63 Sir. Ronald Windgate 21lbs8ozs Doolough Jock Scott
05.05.08 E. Spencer Gough 21lbs Finlough Fly
23.05.35 W.K. Dods 21lbs Finlough Mar Lodge
12.05.15 Anthony Barrett-Jolley 20lbs11ozs Rock Pool Gary Dog
01.05.03 T.J. Yarde 20lbs8ozs Finlough Fly
17.08.31 Michael Heneghan 20lbs8ozs Turn Pool Jock Scott
25.05.53 M. O’Rourke 20lbs Whin Pool Mar Lodge
08.05.28 Lord Sligo 20lbs Finlough Silver Wilkinson




May Delivers Again and June Starts in Fine Style

Once again May has proven to be an excellent month for spring salmon here at Delphi, with a total of sixty fish landed and of course there was also Tony Barrett-Jolley’s cracking fish of 20lbs11ozs. As I have mentioned before there have been good numbers of fish running since February. From my own observations if anything more fish seemed to run in May and even though catches were excellent there were times when salmo salar humbled and infuriated even the best anglers.

DL_06062015_3 Water conditions throughout the month were generally good, with a total of 212mms (8.35”), but it must be noted that temperatures were well down. This was especially evident with people who were unaccustomed to lake fishing when they would look at me in total disbelief with the amount of clothing myself and the ghillies insisted they wear before venturing out on the water.

The first couple of days in May were quiet with temperatures both air and water having plummeted a few days previously. Fishing improved dramatically in week 19, with thirteen fish landed. The best of these was a fine fish of 12lbs12ozs taken by Jacob Tax from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn. There was also great celebrations when Ben Duffy managed to land his first ever salmon, again from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn and weighing in at 6lbs6ozs.

Week 20 saw the return of group of serious anglers, (but who also enjoy the social aspect of the week). There were a total of eleven fish landed for the week but the highlight without doubt was Tony Barrett-Jolley’s fish of 20lbs11ozs from the Rock Pool on a Gary Dog. Great celebrations followed and it is now the biggest fish of the modern era. I will post a blog specifically on this fish and I have also obtained a copy of the correct big salmon Delphi records.

Week 21 saw fourteen fish landed in difficult conditions with Doolough being unfishable on a number of days. It was also DL_06062015_1bitterly cold with some serious showers of hailstones on numerous days. Mikko Lofgren from Finland had an excellent week, landing five fish all bar one on a General Practitioner. Adrian Barry from Ballina had a morning to remember on the river, landing three fish including one beauty of 14lbs6ozs, which he hooked in the Whin and landed in the Meadow.

Week 22 was the most prolific of the month with twenty one fish landed. Seven of these are included in my last update. David Plumpton had his second fish of the week off the Meadow pool on a Francis of 7lbs7ozs. Young Alexander O’Sulluvan had a nice sea liced fish of 4lbs8ozs on his last evening from the Deadmans on a Delphi Collie.

DL_06062015_2The 28th saw four landed with the Wymes family accounting for three of these. Two were from the Rock pool and one from Finlough. Bertrand Fenart also had one from the Whin pool on an Ally shrimp.

The 29th saw five landed. Not to be outdone by her husband John who had a fish earlier in the week Felicity Bartleet had a nice fish of approx. 6lbs at the Split Rock on Doolough. John and Angela Mitchell were evenly matched landing a fish each off the river. John’s was approx. 8lbs from the New Island pool on a Delphi Collie and Angela’s first ever was a fish of 8lbs5ozs from the Waterfall also on a Delphi Collie. Steve jones also landed one in the New Island on a Delphi Collie of 6lbs11ozs. Fish of the day and the week was Paul Wymes from the Deadmans of 12lbs3ozs taken on a Red Francis.

DL_060615_4Paul had another on the 30th of approx. 8.5lbs from the Quarry also on a red Francis. Husband and wife team of Martin and Barbara Ceillier had one each off Finlough of 8lbs15ozs and 8lbs2ozs respectively on a Willie Gunn and a Red Francis. Final fish of May was taken by John Bradley in the Whin pool on the McCormack fly weighing in at 5lbs11ozs.

That brought the total for the month to 60 and the year to date to 106.

June got off to a flyer this year with twenty fish landed in the first 7 days. It was helped by a massive flood on the 1st which put the river to 90.

As a result we landed seven fish on the 2nd. Fermin Echegoyen from Spain was first off the mark with a fish of 6lbs5ozs DL_060615_5from the Fallen Tree on Fin. The fish was taken on a Cascade. The Moore party had five fish in the morning off the river all with sea lice. Sam Moore had two and Raymond Haughey, Ian Campbell and John Leitch all had one each. The fish weighed in at 9lbs7ozs, 9lbs, 9lbs4ozs, 9lbs and 6lbs8ozs respectively. The came off the Whin, Waterfall, Rock and Meadow and were all taken on a Bann Special bar one which was on an Ally shrimp. Vinnie McCabe also had a fish in the afternoon from the Horseshoe of 9lbs6ozs on a Cascade.

There were four landed on the 3rd. Bill Middleton had a cracking fish of 11lbs2ozs from the Meadow pool on a Collie Dog. The Moore party accounted for the other three with Sam having one of 7lbs2ozs from the Whin on a Bann Special, Colin Lowson one of 7lbs13ozs from the Quarry also on a Bann Special and Ian Campbell from the Meadow of 6lbs8ozs on an Ally shrimp.DL_060615_6

There were three on the 4th, with Fred Eberle first off the mark with a cracker from the Whin pool of 11lbs12ozs on a Willie Gunn. Lukas Steinmann then had one from Fin of 3lbs9ozs also on a Willie Gunn and finally Sam Moore had his fourth for his stay from Weedy Point on Fin of 10lbs4ozs on a Black Pot Belly Pig.

Two were landed on the 5th with Ray Barlow having one from the Rock pool of 8lbs8ozs on a Collie Dog. Manfred Wolf had his first of the week with his last cast, again from the Deadmans on a Delphi Collie of 8lbs14ozs. Manfred was so relieved that after I took the hook out of the fish he managed to hook himself in the finger, which I duly extracted.

DL_060615_7There were two on the 6th with Ciaran Boland landing a nice fish of 9lbs4.5ozs from the Grilse Pool on a Delphi Collie. Ray Barlow managed to land the second of his stay of approx. 9lbs from Morrisons on a Collie Dog.

Yesterday belonged to the Mills family with both Alexander and John having one each. Alexander had his from the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn, weighing in at 7lbs8ozs. The old maestro himself John was efficiency personified. He fished for about two minutes before hooking and landing a sparkling sea liced fish of 6lbs2ozs in the Holly on a Willie Gunn. (Not bad for an 86 year old.) John is surely one of the most efficient salmon anglers I have ever seen here at Delphi.

The river is now at 35 and we are at last seeing some glimpses of summer appearing and hopefully the good fishing will continue for another while yet. D.McEvoy






Delphi Events Calendar June 2015

This month, if there’s something you’re interested in there’ll be a festival for it. Walking, Food, Music, Arts – it’s all happening in the Galway, Connemara, Westport and Southwest Mayo region. For more details take a look at our Event Calendar for June and why not come and join us?

Follow this link to take a look at our new Events Calendar June 2015.

Bookings can be made through our website or by telephoning the office on +353 (0) 954-2222.



















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Catches Continue at a Steady Pace

27052015_0209Our catches have continued to be steady since my last update, with 18 fish landed in the interim.

Mikko Lofgren continued in his good vein of form, by landing another fish on Wednesday last, this time off Finlough. As in the morning the fish was taken on a General Practitioner and weighed in at approx. 10lbs again.

On Thursday last we landed three. Graham Feilden was the early bird with a lovely fish off the Rock pool before breakfast. The fish was 8lbs10ozs and was taken on a Willie Gunn. Simon Albertini had a cracker from the Whin pool of 10lbs4ozs on a Collie Dog. Mikko Lofgren’s lucky streak continued when he landed his fourth of the week in the afternoon from the Meadow pool, a fresh fish of 8lbs8ozs, 27052015_0428taken again on guess what, a General Practitioner.

On Friday Mikko landed his fifth, this time from Fin and actually on a Red Francis as he had given his General Practitioner to his fishing partner. The fish was taken at Boat Point and weighed in at 6lbs9ozs. Ross Hepburn also had a fish in the afternoon off Finlough on a Red shrimp, weighing 8lbs6ozs.

Saturday basically belonged to Adrian Barry who managed to land three sea liced fish on the river in the morning. The first two were from the Quarry pool and weighed in at 6lbs8ozs and 5lbs10.5ozs respectively and were both taken on a Red shrimp. After that he landed a magnificent fish of 14lbs6ozs from the Whin pool on an Ally shrimp. I should have said that he hooked the fish in the Whin and landed it in the Meadow. This is quite hard to do as I know from experience, having done it myself many years ago. He was ably assisted by his son Arron. Paul Wymes managed to make it four for 27052015_0434the day when he had a fish from the Stream on Fin on a Curry’s Red Shrimp on Saturday evening. That brought the total for week 21 to fourteen fish landed.

David Plumpton got week 22 off the mark, when he landed a nice fresh fish of 5lbs4ozs in the Rock pool on Sunday morning, on a Sunrae Shadow.

We landed four fish on Monday. Ian Carroll had a fresh fish from the Whin pool of 6lbs5ozs on a Jack Power Special. Olivier Plasseraud had a fish of 3lbs11ozs off Doolough. His fishing partner Bertrand Fenart landed one in the Turn pool in the afternoon of 8lbs5ozs on a Nymph. David Plumpton had his second of the week from the Meadow pool on a Francis, weighing in at 7lbs7ozs in the evening.

There were three on Tuesday with Brian Shaw landing a fish of 4lbs15ozs in the Whin pool on a Bann Special. Bob Hadden got off the mark with a fish from the Deadman’s on a Collie Dog, weighing 8lbs. Finally John Bartleet who had just celebrated his 88th birthday managed to land a sea liced fish of 4lbs15ozs on a Cascade from the Rock pool. This was a joint effort with his wife Felicity who had just celebrated her 86th birthday. Well done to them both and I’m sure there’s many of us that hope we can do likewise when we are that age.

Water conditions have been excellent during the past week, but temperatures have been low with the lakes being especially cold and one needs to be dressed as you would in February. Interestingly this fact was highlighted by many people who braved the elements. Hopefully as June approaches the temperatures will pick up somewhat. Water levels remain excellent and the river has risen to 50 today so with a bit of luck we should continue to catch a few!! D.McEvoy



Tony’s Record Still Stands, Surprisingly!!

Delphi_0188Well we are still awaiting a new record to surpass Anthony Barrett-Jolley’s magnificent fish last week. Given our history it may be a while before it is surpassed but one never knows when it might happen! Where there’s one there should be two.

Fishing has continued apace since our Monster blog and we have have some lovely fish landed in the interim. On Wednesday last Peter Milne a long standing syndicate member had a lovely fish of 11lbs2ozs from Wrens Bay on Finlough. The fish was fresh in and took a Thunder and Lightening.

There were three landed on Thursday. Peter Milne had his second for the week, a smaller fish of 6lbs15ozs from Fisherman’s Rock off Doolough. This was shortly followed by his boat partner Hugh Brennan 15 minutes later when he Delphi_0183landed a fish approx. 7lbs again from Fisherman’s Rock off Doolough. Later in the day Christopher Jarman got his first fish of the week in fine style when he landed a tuna like fish from the Rock pool of 13lbs. The fish was fresh in and was taken on a Red Francis.

Christopher had his second of the week the following day, Friday, again from the Rock pool of 8lbs4ozs on the same Red Francis.

Saturday the only fish taken was by Paul Wymes. This was again from the Rock pool and weighed in at 5lbs13ozs and was taken on a Sunrae Shadow. That brought the total for week 20 to eleven fish landed, including of course Tony Barrett-Jolley’s of 20lbs11ozs. We should also mention the unfortunate Stuart Lyon from Scotland who had a really bad run of luck on Friday afternoon and Delphi_0190evening when he had four fish on in the Stream on Finlough, but sadly they all came off. He did say to me the following morning that he had thrown his 15’ double handed rod into Finlough afterwards!! (Needless to say he was only joking)

Sunday saw the start of week 21 with many of the usual suspects returning for another crack at Salmo Salar. Graham Feilden was first off the mark with a fish of 6lbs14ozs from Weedy Point on Fin on a Minkie. John Plumb also got off to a flyer with a fresh fish of approx. 6lbs on a Cascade, from the Goat Pool. Mikko Lofgren from Finland also got off the mark early with a lovely fresh fish of 12lbs2ozs from the Stream on Fin on a General Practitioner.

Monday and Tuesday were extremely difficult with arctic like weather conditions returning and Doolough being more akin to the Atlantic ocean in Wintertime. The greatest excitement of these days was when Charles Dring lost a fish on Fin for reasons unbecoming an angler of his ststus!! Many of his friends have been reminding him of this fact, but hopefully he will be more successful by the week’s end as he often is.

This morning Mikko Lofgren had his second of the week, a fine fish of approx. 10lbs from the King’s pool on the same General Practitioner that worked for him earlier in the week. The river is now running at 38 and the wind has abated slightly and temperatures are supposed to rise which will hopefully make the fish more active as even the water temperature dropped to 7 degrees C during that cold snap on Monday and Tuesday.

Hopefully in the next few days I will have information on Tony’s monster from last week regarding its life and how long it spent at sea. D.McEvoy



Tony Smashes the Modern Record

It’s been a great start to May here at Delphi but all other fish pail into insignificance when compared to the magnificent specimen that Anthony Barrett Jolley (or just Tony to his friends) caught yesterday. The fish was sea liced and weighed in at a staggering 20lbs11ozs. The fish was hooked in the Rock Pool at 5pm and landed at 5.30pm. The pool had already been well fished by a number of experienced anglers who shall remain nameless. Tony was the fourth person to fish the pool in the afternoon. He was using one of our small double handed 12’9” house rods with a sinking tip line. The fly was very traditional, a size 6 Gary Dog double. Tony hooked the fish fairly high up in the pool just at the tail end of the white water, even though the gauge was at 50. The fish was netted by Christopher Jarman and Tony was completely shattered afterwards but he soon overcame this to have the look of a man that had just achieved something great. (So well he should)

Delphi Record Salmon 20lbs11ozs – Rock Pool - YouTube Video

imageSo I must say congratulations to Tony from all of us here at Delphi on this great achievement. I should also say thanks to Christopher for netting a fish of this size.(no easy feat). Finally this was one of our ranched MSW stock and is the biggest we have caught here either on rod or when collecting brood stock. Therefore Laurence should get a special mention as the person that actually brought this fish to the smolt stage. I would be 99% sure that the fish is a male and is most likely a 3 sea winter but as the fish is fin clipped but not tagged, we will wait on scale analysis to determine this fact.

Tony’s fish is definitely the biggest of the modern era. The previous record was not quite held for a year by John Sommerville with his 19lbs9ozs fish off Finlough last May. I believe the all time record is held by Sir. Ronald Windgate who had a fish of 21lbs8ozs on the 18th May 1963 at the Sunk Rock on Doolough, followed an hour later by one of 18lbs8ozs. Both were caught on a Jock Scott and Paddy Heneghan was the ghillie.

Before I leave the subject of Tony’s fish, I must highlight the fact that in some of the photo’s there may be no evidence of a tag. The reason for this is that the tag broke and Tony had great difficulty in holding the fish for any longer than a imageminute due to its size.

Well believe it or not we have actually caught other fish since my last update. On the 9th Jens Kober had his second of the week, a fish of 8lbs10ozs from the Turn pool on a Collie Dog. Heribert also had one from the Rock pool on a Willie Gunn of 9lbs5ozs. Paul Shalvey started his week in fine style with a sea liced fish of approx. 9lbs from the Sluice at Doolough.

Sunday was a total wash out with over 51mms (2”) of rain, with the river rising to 90. Water conditions were excellent on Monday but Finlough was unfishable in the morning due to strong gales. Tony Barrett Jolley had a lovely fish of 9lbs off the Rock pool in the morning on a Cascade conehead. In the afternoon Paul Shalvey did extremely well to land a fish of 8lbs1oz off Fin in difficult conditions. The fish was taken on a Collie variant. Finally Ronan Murphy had a fish of 7lbs2ozs from the Whin pool on a Willie Gunn.

Besides Tony’s fish yesterday we did actually land another. Ronan Murphy had a fish off Finlough of 7lbs8.5ozs on a Willie Gunn. One of the photos shows the two fish together which gives one some idea of the size of Tony’s fish.

So again well done Tony and the challenge has now been laid down for all of you to try and set a new record. You’ll have to keep the flies in the water here to be in with a shout. D.McEvoy