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Independent Reviews of Delphi Lodge

Delphi is featured in a number of independent guidebooks, including:

• “1000 Places to See Before You Die” by Patricia Schultz
• Bridgestone’s “100 Best Places to Stay in Ireland”
• Michelin’s Red Guide to Ireland’s Hotels & Restaurants
• Karen Brown’s “Ireland: Charming Inns & Itineraries”
• The Eyewitness Ireland guide
• Frommer’s Ireland guide
• Alastair Sawday’s “Special Places to Stay in Ireland”
• Georgina Campbell’s “Best of the Best”
• Rough Guide to Ireland
• Lonely Planet’s “Ireland” 

We strongly recommend that you check out how others see us. We have absolutely no influence over the content of these guides, which are all supported by independent (and frequently anonymous) inspections of the houses listed. Here are just a few recent extracts:


DELPHI LODGE ** (Very Highly Recommended)
 A vast country house dwarfed by the mountains that surround it, Delphi Lodge was built in the early 19th century as a sportsman’s hideaway, and it was purchased and restored for the same purpose by the current owners in the 1980s. It forms part of an exquisite landscape of crystal lakes and trickling rivers, hardwood forests, and mountain slopes. The rooms are spacious and a bit masculine, furnished with an informally elegant touch, all with peaceful lake and mountain views. Guests are divided evenly between those here for the fishing and those here for the relaxation. Dinners (€50 per person) here are excellent, with an emphasis on the catch of the day, and eaten together at the elegant, long dining table. The library and lounge are warmed by wood-burning fireplaces, there’s an honor bar where you make your own cocktails in the evening, and the staff is warm and friendly. They can supply you with everything you need to fish — permits, licenses, and equipment rental. Note: Rooms do not have locks, but the staff keeps a close eye on who comes in and out of the building. And all cancellations incur a penalty fee of €30. www.frommers.comFROMMERS GUIDE


The reason why this country house and estate is world renowned is not just because of what it is, but also because of what it is not. Yes, it is renowned for being a beautiful house in one of the most beautiful places in Ireland – if not in the world – and, yes, it is beloved of fishermen hoping for a salmon, and it is beloved of food lovers who relish the cooking, and wine buffs can simply lose themselves in the incredible selection of wines on the list. But these alone don’t explain Delphi’s renown. No, equally important to its substantial assets are the fact that Delphi in no way tries to be a hotel, or to ape hotel style service. It has stubbornly and determinedly set its face against the modern blandness that people think of as luxury. So instead it is quaint, a place that is comfortable with itself, which means you will be comfortable with it too. In Delphi they know what they can do best, and the best is what they do. It seems a simple thing but it demands calm confidence.


“Glorious setting……Decorated in an opulent but relaxing style, Delphi Lodge is notably sociable, featuring excellent, imaginative dinners taken around one huge table….”


“This starkly beautiful swathe of mountainous moorland is ideal get-away-from-it-all territory”



“Is there a more awe-inspiring location for a house than that enjoyed by Delphi Lodge? We don’t think so, and everything else here is just as fine. Delphi brings it all together. Good company, great cooking and a spectacular location – hell, spectacular isn’t in it; Delphi’s location is awesomely gorgeous”.


“Delphi Lodge feels more like a congenial houseparty than a hotel”