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Welcome to our photo and video gallery!

Please take a moment to look at our photo and video collection. The beautiful Delphi estate is one of Ireland’s hidden treasures. A wonderful 1830’s country house and fishing lodge in one of the most spectacular settings in Connemara Ireland.

We hope you’ll enjoy this photo and video collection.

Delphi Lodge – Country House YouTube Video/Slideshow
Delphi Lodge – Salmon Fishing YouTube Video/Slideshow
Delphi – A Salmon Anglers Paradise – YouTube Video

Gallery Lodge Exterior
A Birds Eye of Delphi – YouTube Video
The Beautiful and Unspoilt Delphi Estate – YouTube Video
Delphi Lodge – ECO EYE Series “Woodlands” – YouTube Video
A unique Delphi Experience on Killary Fjord
Irishtv.ie – Delphi Lodge Welcomes Famine Walk – Video

Gallery Lodge Interior
New Family Suite – Premier Room part 1
New Family Suite – Premier Room part 2

Gallery Weddings
Wedding Venue Delphi Lodge – Information & Details

Gallery Fishery
Delphi Record Salmon 20lbs11ozs – Rock Pool
Delphi Fishery Map
In Pursuit of Silver – Delphi Fishery – Established 1830
A Day Out on Finlough - YouTube Video
Playing and Landing a Delphi Salmon – YouTube Video
Elaine’s first Delphi Salmon
Delphi Springer – YouTube Video
Delphi Lodge Sea Trout Fishing Doo Lough

Gallery Bundorragha River
Bundorragha Pool Map_Fishing Guide

Gallery Fin Lough
Finlough Map_Fishing Guide

Gallery Doo Lough

Doolough Map_Fishing Guide

Gallery Flyfishing School
Gallery Cottages
Gallery Connemara Scenery

Photo Credits – Rights reserved by Delphi Lodge:

Photos courtesy of bieber brand communication, Keewi Photography and the following individuals: Bernd Bieber, Tom Callanan, Bertrand Fenart, Peter O’Reilly, John Somerville, Mark Corps, David McEvoy, Pascal Marinot, John Brittain, Sean Moogan, Padraig O’Malley, Paul Kelly and others unidentified but hereby thanked.