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The Fishery

Delphi Fishery

Salmon Fishing in Ireland – Fly fishermen have been coming to Delphi for centuries. Formerly it was the sporting playground of the Marquis of Sligo. It is now particularly noted for its excellent runs of Atlantic salmon. There is also the added attraction of staying at the magnificent Delphi Lodge, a beautiful Georgian country house with a glorious lakeside setting, fine cuisine and great atmosphere.

The number of rods is limited to 12 per day (and only 8 in February and March). Fishing rotates between the river and lakes on a half day basis to provide maximum variety of scenery and opportunity. Fishing is by fly only except for some early season trolling on Doolough.

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Larger spring salmon, weighing between 7lbs and 14lbs, generally run into the Delphi system between January and June, followed by the smaller and more plentiful grilse of 2lbs to 6lbs, from mid June to late August. By September there is a full population of fish in the system. Fresh run fish may be taken in Delphi at any time from February 1st.

The wild salmon stock is now supplemented by a hatchery programme which produces 50,000 smolts per annum. These fish have their adipose fins clipped to distinguish them from their wild cousins. To protect the genetic integrity of wild fish all those of hatchery origin must be killed. By contrast any wild fish, unless it’s the angler’s first ever, must be released. All sea trout are fished on a catch and release basis.

The Delphi system includes the Bundorragha River, Finlough, Doolough and Glencullin.
Click here for Delphi Fishery Map

The Bundorragha (bottom of the dark valley), is one of the most beautiful rivers you can fish. At just over 1.6kms long it has over 20 productive pools. It is almost always suitable for fly fishing, even after a heavy spate, due to the settling effect of the lakes upstream.
Click here for Bundorragha Pool Map_Fishing Guide

(Bright Lake) is the most popular and prolific of the lakes. It is overlooked by the lodge, is quite shallow and can produce a fish from almost anywhere.
Click here for Finlough Map_Fishing Guide

Doolough (Black Lake) is one of the deepest lakes in Ireland and being surrounded by steep mountains is quite a formidable sight. There are days when choosing appropriate words to describe its rugged beauty are difficult to select. Many salmon are taken here every year but it really comes into its own with good sea trout fishing in August and September.
Click here for Doolough Map_Fishing Guide

Glencullin is the final destination for the migratory species. It is not a big lake but its rugged beauty is extreme. There is also the added attraction of two small islands, one natural which is an oasis of wild vegetation and the other is a Crannog i.e. man-made and probably would have been an ancient defensive settlement. It is a real favourite with sea trout anglers with the occasional salmon also being caught.
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