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Inishturk Day

Inishturk, Off-shore Inhabited Island

Inishturk is a spectacular, inhabited island 14km off the west coast of Mayo. Its land area is approximately 7 sq km and has a population of 60 -70 people who are the remaining descendants of countless generations who have endured this harsh, isolated but wonderful way of life.

A trip from Delphi Lodge begins by taking a ferry from Roonagh pier 16km north of Delphi Lodge. After a 45 minute crossing we arrive in the little harbour to be met by Mary Catherine Heanue, who will gladly explain the day to day life of an islander over freshly made scones and tea/coffee.

We then embark on a leisurely guided walk of the island learning about the famine, present day farming and fishing and ending with a well deserved drink in the islands only pub. Following a delicious late seafood lunch, cooked and served in Mary Catherine’s kitchen, we then board the ferry for our journey back to Delphi.

Time Activity
10.15 am Depart Delphi for Ferry
11.00 am Depart Roonagh pier for Inishturk
11.45 am Land in small harbour for scones tea/coffee with Mary Catherine Heanue in her kitchen.
12.30 am Leisurely walk of the island. From 1 to 3 hours. Interesting things to see or a drink in the islands only pub.
3.00 pm Special seafood and home cooked lunch in Mary Catherine’s kitchen before departing for home.
6.30 pm Depart for Delphi