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Genealogy Services

Discovering your Irish roots…

First Level – Genealogy Initial Assessment 

If you have Irish roots and want to make the most of your stay in Ireland, then our professional genealogist, Michael Walsh, can undertake some preliminary work before your visit. Michael is a member of APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists, and lives locally in Co. Mayo. Michael will attempt to verify your particular Irish ancestor or family and establish a basis for further detailed research.

Michael will also endeavour to identify the geographical area in which your ancestor lived (Townland) and the church in which they may have worshipped. This location information about Townland and Parish is of vital importance in Irish genealogy. Church records, many of which go back to the early 19th century, are location specific as each parish maintained its own registers of baptisms, marriages and burials.

Michael will evaluate the results and determine what research options have a good possibility of success before proposing a personal research plan.


You will receive a hard-backed presentation binder with a Genealogical Assessment Report containing:

  • A summary of the research conducted
  • Verified details of your ancestor, including Townland and Parish, where possible
  • Copes of relevant Census returns
  • Transcriptions of relevant church records where possible
  • Copies of relevant land and estate records
  • Descriptions of the principal sources used including civil registration of births, marriages and deaths, church records of baptisms and marriages, land and property records, territorial and administrative divisions and census returns
  • Guidance about further research possibilities

Delphi Lodge Price for Genealogy Service „First Level“ € 150,-


Second Level – Consultation

During their stay in Delphi Lodge, guests can enjoy a personal consultation with our professional genealogist in the comfort of the Lodge. This discussion with Michael is an opportunity:

  • to describe what research has already been done
  • to review the Genealogical Assessment Report prepared in advance of the visit
  • to clarify and explain the research options
  • to provide a realistic assessment of the chances of success
  • to examine particular genealogical problems that are blocking progress
  • to help work out a practical family history research plan

Guests will also have the opportunity to consider commissioning further research by our genealogist.
Delphi Lodge Price for Genealogy Service „Second Level“ € 150,-


Third Level – Family History Assignment

This involves commissioning a full research assignment and attempting to trace a particular family line. All relevant online and archival sources will be consulted, including civil registrations, church records, land valuations and 20th century census returns. The story of your Irish ancestry will be presented in a narrative format designed to make interesting reading, rather than as a factual list.

Ireland has no census records for the whole of the 19th century. Consequently most research works back from the 1901 and 1911 censuses and involves using 19th century archival records rather than online sources.

A typical research assignment might include tracing back ancestors over 1 or 2 generations relying mainly on accessing civil registration records. The registration of births, marriages and deaths for all citizens began in 1864, although non-catholic marriages started a little earlier in 1847. The records are held in the General Register Office in Dublin. Access requires a trip to Dublin to search through volumes of typed indexes for each year of registration. Michael does this on a regular basis for clients. The cost of a typical 4 ancestor search, including professional fees, standard travel charge and General Register Office search and copy fees is estimated at €200. This could take us back 1 or 2 generations.

To go back further, we are dependent on church records, many of which go back to the early 19th century. These records are held in archives in Dublin and typically consist of hand-written church registers, reproduced on microfilm. Register entries are presented in chronological order, so that finding particular family entries can require considerable time and patience. However to search these records, we need to know the location of an ancestor i.e. the county and townland or parish.

A search for 2 records including professional fees and standard travel charge is estimated at €250. This could take us back a further 1 or 2 generations.

You will receive a comprehensive Genealogical Report containing:

  • A summary of the research approach
  • A list of resources consulted
  • Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Copies of census returns
  • Transcriptions of church registers and other documentation which cannot be copied
  • Copies of land and estate records and historic maps showing where your ancestors lived
  • Guidance about further research options

Typically this includes details about Irish ancestors and photocopies of any birth, marriage or death certificates or other relevant documentation that is available.
Delphi Lodge Price for Genealogy Service „Third Level“ from € 250,-